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How St. Louis Can Get Ahead of the Curve

Here is some free advice about an obvious advance that will soon take place, driverless cars. In the not too distant future these cars will be available. People will be able to order them up on short notice and go where they want. It will have a revolutionary effect on our culture. St. Louis leaders need to anticipate how this technology will affect our lives. A few thoughts of mine:

1. People will be taking fewer auto trips. If you order a car you are going to be more efficient in its’ use.

2. What effect will they have on crime and auto theft?

3. Will people in disadvantaged communities be able to use this resource? Right now taxis will not go to high crime areas.

4. What effect will it have on our existing public transportation systems? I would predict fewer people would ride trains of buses.

Written by Paul Dribin


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