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A Tale of Two Cities~Should Kids Use Transit to Get to School?

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The Daily Scot Bathgate reminds us that it is September and parents are wrangling their children back to school. At a time that active transportation and lessening car use is being vigorously pursued, Mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi is reassuring parents that the Calgary transit system is just fine for kids to take to school.  While Calgary does provide those distinctive yellow school buses for most students,  children that may be farther away or going to  particular schools are provided with a financial rebate to purchase a monthly transit pass.

There’s even a program called Bus Buddies where older students taking Calgary transit provide companionship and guidance to younger students taking the conventional bus.  As the Mayor notes, “Calgary transit is committed to the safety and convenience of every passenger – particularly, our youngest passengers.”

Turn to Vancouver where a Dad who has led the way raising his five kids…

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