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A Trivial but Important Issue

I want to write about a very small problem that affected me regarding my attendance at the Blues game Tuesday night. I am not writing this in the spirit of whining or griping but as an illustration.

I attend many Blues games, usually by myself(shows you how unpopular I am). I parked on Olive Street at about 15th. I arrived about 6:00 and put enough money in the meter to last one hour and fifteen minutes. I came back to the car after the terrible game (although I received a free blanket). Sitting on my windshield was a parking ticket. I discovered that ticket was written at 8:40.

I am not complaining about the $25 fine. I feel that is justice for all the times I have gotten away with things. But how does this treat visitors to downtown. Why is an isolated part of Olive with no businesses even open metered until 9pm? I can only conclude they are there to trick people like me. Meters should only be used in locations that have a premium on parking, not as a ruse to grab folks like me.

How many little policies are there in St. Louis which unnecessarily penalize people. There should be an evaluation completed of all the city policies that hurt people. The whole parking meter issue in St. Louis is a mess. It is used as a cash cow rather than a tool of traffic policy. Written by Paul Dribin


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