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Opportunity zones

a good article from Shelterforce. These zones have the opportunity to get significant capital investment in low income areas. The question raised is if the residents in those communities will benefit.

Missouri River Bluffs

Whittaker Development is planning on building single family homes on an environmentally sensitive site over looking the Missouri River near the Katy Trail. The St. Charles County Commissioners need to vote on the proposal which is opposed by environmental groups. I would recommend voting against this project. We don’t often have these environmentally beautiful sites and need to preserve them. Written by Paul Dribin

More McKee Stuff

A good article from Post about latest in McKee developments in north St. Louis. It sure appears his empire is a house of cards ready to fall.

The Syrian Refugees Escaped War, Only to Land in One of St. Louis’ Toughest Neighborhoods | Feature | St. Louis News and Events | Riverfront Times

At the dinner to benefit Syrian refugees, there aren’t enough seats for the Syrians. The room at the Boo Cat Club is packed, and Jessica…
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A decent article. Syrian refugees left horrific conditions and were relocated here in St. Louis in a neighborhood which is also horrific, unsafe, bad housing. Written by Paul Dribin

Why the Seattle ‘head tax’ is relevant to the nation – The Washington Post

When big companies such as Amazon locate in your city, they generate benefits and costs. Cutting taxes to win their favor makes it impossible to meet the costs they engender.
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Privatization of Lambert Airport Revisited

My earlier post indicated I was very skeptical of this whole endeavor. My doubts are confirmed by the fact that the Board of Estimate and Review for the city cannot reach agreement on hiring a consultant for moving ahead. Certainly privatization would generate a boatload of money for the city initially, but is it in our long term best interest? Will customer service be negatively affected? Written by Paul Dribin

Six Things That “One Hundred” Tells Us – NextSTL

Six Things That “One Hundred” Tells Us – NextSTL
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A good and thorough article in Next Stl about the lavish 100 building going up on the east side of Forest Park.

Greitens and Kim Gardner

Most of you must now know that Kim Gardner the Circuit Attorney in St. Louis has dropped the charges against Governor Greitens. Anyone following the case knew the charges were flimsy and may fall into the category of Prosecutorial Misconduct.

I don’t know Gardner’s head, but it seemed she wanted to make a big political name for herself by prosecuting the governor. She was clearly in over her head. Ironically, this may give Greitens impetus to gather new popularity and resist impeachment.

More important, I am concerned about how this bodes for the criminal justice system in St. Louis. Is this kind of misconduct common but hidden from the public? A large number of attorneys have left the employ of Ms. Gardner which indicates there is trouble in River City. Written by Paul Dribin

Ben Carson and Fair Housing Laws

An editorial from New York Times

More About the Board of Aldermen in St. Louis

The vote by the Board of Aldermen to vote again on lowering the number of aldermen is simply a power grab by aldermen who don’t want to give up the illusion of power and could care less about the public interest. The public voted overwhelmingly to lower the number of aldermen to 14.

Racism is not the issue either. If blacks are represented by 7 or 14 aldermen it is the same level of black power as 14 out of 28. Certain individuals are just afraid of losing their jobs. Written by Paul Dribin

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