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Trendiness In Housing and Urban Development

I sound like a codger which I am, but I have seen it all in this field. What strikes me as sad and ironic is the trendiness of movements in the housing and urban development field. There are two reasons for this, the lack of solid research data to support programs, and the lack of much success in transforming people’s lives. Examples abound. Greenlining, much like the old HUD 235 program which was a disaster. Transit based development which does not affect most communities in the United States. Inclusionary zoning which is a political non starter in most places. Rent control, unsuccessful before. I heard a good one today called just evictions. What evictions are unjust? If the tenant does not pay the rent, they are out. You get my drift. Be highly suspicious of these trendy programs. Written by Paul Dribin

Sam Page Acting County Executive Makes Changes

Good Article About Criminal Justice Ministry

New Tax Law Has Minimal Effect on Housing Prices

Plans move ahead to terminate Wellston Housing Authority and Demolish Propertulues

This is a very tough issue. The Wellston Housing Authority was corrupt and ran these properties into the ground. The tenants are very poor and have little housing choice. Hud has not provided adequate resources. Written by Paul Dribin

Stenger Indicted

this is a huge deal. This blog has written often about the crooked dealings of Stenger and his colleague Sheila Sweeney

Affordable housing development in St. Louis getting off the ground

Increasingly Whites are moving to Historically Black Neighborhoods

An interesting article from the New York Times. Sort of a form of gentrification. Values will increase which is good for residents but historic nature of neighborhoods will change. We are seeing some of this in north Webster Groves. Written by Paul Dribin

Costs of Rams Litigation is Large

This scam continues. Attorney Bob Blitz gets even richer for legal work related to the Rams departure. When will it end? Written by Paul Dribin

Proximity to Cities Also Helps Rural Areas

This article from the New York Times again shows we are interdependent.

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