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A Thoughtful Article About Better Together


Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner wants city to pay for her legal defense

this is the height of arrogance. Gardner is accused of misconduct with a private investigator she hired in pursuit of Greitens. If she acted outside the law, the public should not pay for her defense. Written by Paul Dribin

Democratic Presidential Candidates are Paying Mire Attention to Renters

St. Louis has some of the cheapest home prices in the country

This bears out what we all know. We need to

Publicize this around the country to bring young people here

Can Investing in a Community’s Growth Boost Health Outcomes?

The health care system ProMedica and LISC have teamed up to fund place-based investments in the hope of improving health outcomes for residents.
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A good example if healthcare and housing partnering

Airport debt reduction

another great Messinger article.

Bail Project

The Bail Project is a national organization that raises funds to provide bail to certain poor people accused of crimes who are sitting in jail. The purpose of the program is to help individuals get their lives back together after having been accused of committing a crime. If the people show up for trial, the bail of course will be refunded and the program will be self sustaining.

Last week in St. Louis an individual was released through the program who went home and murdered his wife. This guy should have never been entitled to bail and certainly not released as part of a social program. He had several drug convictions and documented violent behavior. The Bail Project is not supposed to use its’ resources to help dangerous people get out on the street. I hope they will be more careful in the future. This case is a real tragedy. Written by Paul Dribin

Saving Dunbar Elementary | Local News |

The leadership of Saint Louis Public Schools and Dunbar Elementary School have joined a community movement to keep open the school, which had been considered for closure.
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St. Louis Is Back in the Nation’s Top 20 Metro Areas | News Blog

Last spring, the news was bleak. “St. Louis region falls out of the Top-20 metros in the U.S.,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, in a…
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Comptroller Green Blasts ‘Unacceptable Scrutiny’ Over Airport Bonds in Raucous Meeting | News Blog

It was something new for Darlene Green, the usually stoic St. Louis city comptroller. She wanted everyone in the room to know it. “This is…
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This is why the city doesn’t work. Refinancing the bonds is a no brained. Comptroller Green has been an exemplary public official. Krewson and Reed are in bed with the folks wanting to privatize the airport. As I said what is difficult about refinancing bonds at a lower interest rate. Written by Paul Dribin

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