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Prosecutor Gardner Adds More Officers to Bad List

This whole story has never made sense to me. Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner has excluded a certain number of police officers from the list of whom she would take testimony or use as witnesses. Two things. Either they are not so bad and Gardner is being vindictive, or they are bad and should be fired. I guess it may be the power of the union. Written by Paul Dribin

Parsons and Coronavirus

Governor Parsons of Missouri and his wife have tested positive for coronavirus. This is poetic justice. Mr. Parsons has resisted any efforts to mandate masks and has issued consistently ignorant comments about COVID. I hope some of his followers see the light. Written by Paul Dribin

Amendment 3

Amendment 3 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing proposed by the Republicans in the Missouri legislature. It would repeal the Clean amendment passed a couple years ago which appoints a neutral demographer to apportion legislative districts. Amendment 3 is innocuous appearing talking about restrictions on lobbying but would repeal a major good government initiative which had the support of 62% of the voting public in Missouri need to be alert and vote no on Amendment 3. Written by Paul Dribin

A thoughtful conservative piece about the data behind crime putting some of our outrages in perspective. Paul Dribin

St. Louis Cardinals

I am a huge baseball fan but have not been into watching games this shortened season. The local team, the St. Louis Cardinals have a mediocre team, good pitching and poor hitting. Furthermore, they are boring to watch. I hold the ownership and Vice President John Mozelak responsible for this result. I believe the ownership has been stingy with the dollars because they knew pre covid the team would draw well regardless of the results on the field. Mozelak’s decisions to give an expensive contract extension to Matt Carpenter, give big bucks to a mediocre Dexter Fowler, and let Luke Voit, Matt Griuchek, and let Marcell Ozuna go have been poor decisions. Much of the success of the team was due to the carryover from the Laruso era. When that ran out the gig was up, Written by Paul Dribin

Huge Increase in Murder Rate in St Louis

A sad story from Post-Dispatch. Gets st what I was saying in previous post

Crime-Put Out the Fire

St. Louis has for several years been working on plans to address the vacancy problem in the city, most of which is on the north side. The groups meet and discuss esoteric issues but fail to want to talk about the most pressing issue, crime. St. Louis is the crime leader in the U.S, and most of it is focused on the north side. There are vacancies because hundreds of thousands of black people left the city and moved to the county. The primary reason for that was better schools and less crime. The unwillingness of civic groups and elected officials to address this issue has caused total stagnation in the city. First, stop the fire and bleeding, then deal with the other stuff. Written by Paul Dribin

City County Merger

Anyone who writes about St. Louis needs to cover this topic. It is almost a cliche, but our region cannot thrive with the present system of governance. The City of St. Louis is not part of St. Louis County which wastes resources and makes comprehensive planning more difficult. In addition, the 87 municipalities are inefficient with communities competing against each other, and many of these communities not able to provide a professional level of service. I am very pessimistic that any change can take place. The recent election of Kim Gardner as Circuit Attorney in the City of St. Louis caused many county residents I know to reaffirm their opposition to merger. Written by Paul Dribin

William Danforth

Dr. William Danforth recently died at the age of 94. He was born into privilege of the Ralston Purina company but lived a modest live devoted to service to others. His most noted accomplishment was as President of Washington University. He was extremely modest and kind and cared deeply about the students at the university. I had the privilege of meeting him once. He was as kind to me as he was to everyone. He will be missed. Written by Paul Dribin

City of Bel Ridge Flunks State Audit

State Auditor Galloway gave this community in northern St. Louis County the lowest possible rating. This is another example of why the large number of small municipalities in St. Louis County is a problem. (1200 residents). I don’t anticipate the problem ever changing. Written by Paul Dribin

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