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Lou Brock

I have very fond and bittersweet memories of Lou Brock as a Cub fan when he played. Lou came up in 1961 with the Cubs and was really hyped as the next Willy Mays. He was very raw coming from D ball to the majors. To make matters worse, the Cubs had terrible leadership and didn’t develop him in the right way. They put him in centerfield and later right which are sun fields at Wrigley with the wind adding to the difficulty. Lou was only 19 or 20 when he came up. His play was erratic, making brilliant plays and long home runs. He would drop balls and make base running errors.

By 1964 he turned into a good but not spectacular player. At the time the Cubs actually thought that getting Ernie Broglio for Lou could make them a contender. It was obviously one of the worst trades in baseball history as Lou turned out to be a hall of farmer both on and off the field. I have very fond memories of sitting in the right field bleachers at Wrigley and watching Lou play in front of me. Written by Paul Dribin


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