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A Lot of Money Spent on Tight Schupp-Wagner Race

Jill Schupp has a chance to defeat do nothing Ann Wagner. My biggest objections to Ms. Wagner are that she is controlled by the insurance industry, never has public meetings, tried to kill Obamacare, and tried to weaken efforts to clean up the securities industry. I can’t believe a Congresswomanj has never had public meetings. Written by Paul Dribin


More About Messy Rollout of New Police Private Sector Initiative

This is looking like a cluster fuck

Tony Larussa to Manage White Sox

I was surprised the White Sox hired Tony who is 76 years old and has been away from managing for awhile. Still he was a brilliant manager though his career, particularly with the Cardinals. He was a fairly abrasive personality but certainly got the results. I was always suspicious he was complicit in the McGwire, and Cansaco drugging incidents. You wonder if he can relate to young players and the new method of playing baseball. We shall see. Written by Paul Dribin

More Lixury Apartments in St. Louis

Will they rent, particularly Ballpark Village?

Another Example of St. Louis Area Disfunction

This story is from The St. Louis Post Dispatch. Apparently, city and county officials worked with consultants hired by large business entities to improve the cooperation between city and county police. The mayor of St Louis and county executive endorsed the idea. One problem, local communities where the study was to take place were not informed. This is the typical business led top down approach to problem solving that St. Louis is known for. The idea itself may be good, but the execution has been horrible. Written by Paul Dribin

Delmar Divide

I sat in on a webinar today that was led by Washington University that discussed a new project, the Delmar Divine. It is a mixed use project led by Maxine Clark that rehabs an old hospital space for the purpose of housing a large group of social service agencies, apartments, and retail. The Brown School of Social Work where nobody has ever built one unit of housing considers this to be a cool idea. I greatly admire Ms. Clark, but I wonder how this will change anything in St. Louis and help eliminate the Delmar divide, which is a racial barrier in the city. Once again, a lot of good talk and money for limited results. Written by Paul Dribin

Homeless People in Canada Given Money

A controlled experiment has shown what I have advocated, that giving poor people money is a better way to get them out of poverty than by enrolling them in programs. In this case, homeless people were given $7500 in Canadian dollars and told they could spend it how they wished. Most spent the money on housing and other necessities. Good job. Written by Paul Dribin

Federal Eviction Moratoriums Have Loopholes

A good article here from Washington Post. The federal law has loopholes as it probably should. For one thing someone should still be evicted for bad behavior, tearing up the unit etc. Second, a tenant who owed back rent prior to the order should still be allowed to be evicted. The Coronavirus issue did not cause the delinquency. I feel for both sides here, but landlords cannot pay bills if people do not pay rent. I think if challenged in court eviction moratoriums would be unconstitutional, constituting an illegal taking. Furthermore, the rent and interest continue to accrue. What happens when the moratorium is lifted? Written by Paul Dribin

Cori Bush Campaign Rhetoric

Ms. Bush, a local activist defeated Lacey Clay for the Congressional seat in Missouri’s first district which is almost totally Democratic. Ms. Bush will certainly win the general election and become the next congresswoman. I wish her well and hope her progressive views bring about needed change. She needs to tighten up her rhetoric. She made a comment calling for the defunding of the Defense Department. To most people defunding means entirely eliminating funding. That was not what she meant but the statement provides fuel to conservatives. Written by Paul Dribin

School Busing

No social policy has ever been more unpopular than school busing. Both whites and blacks hated it, costs were hugely expensive, and the results were spotty at best. All this to achieve an artificial goal of racial integration. What if the costs were put back into improving the neighborhood schools and encouraging voluntary integration. Just saying. Written by Paul Dribin

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