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Education and Racial Integration in Webster Groves

I live in Webster Groves as does my daughter, son in law, and 2 grandsons. The school district in the last year has made a controversial decision about neighborhood schools, racial integration, etc. The district is overcrowded and in need of a new school. What they did was repurpose a computer school and sixth grade center as a new k-6 elementary school. The building is located in a predominantly black and lower income neighborhood. Previously those students had been disbursed among the other elementary schools which all had a relative degree of integration. With the new school, Givens Elementary, most of the black students in the district will attend one schools, resulting in a school with about a 30% poverty rate and resulting lower test scores. The other schools will no longer be integrated.

I don’t know how this jibes with Brown v. Board of Education decision and various civil rights statutes. On the other hand , the black community like all communities wanted a neighborhood schools. I don’t have a good answer but I know concentrating all the poor kids in one school is not a good idea. Written by Paul Dribin


The Need for Affordable Housing

Great article from Post Dispatch

Happy Thanksgiving

Be safe out there

“Burn It Down” | City Journal

Activists in Seattle want to abolish police, prisons, and courts.
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An article from City Journal, a right leaning publication that describes the horrors of defunding the police. I agree in reforming the police, but defunding them makes not sense and will not work. Interestingly, the African American community is against defunding. Written by Paul Dribin

A Great Day Politically

Yesterday was a great day politically. The Michigan Board of Elections voted to affirm Biden as their presidential representative. Biden announced some great cabinet picks, and the world is moving on. What is scary is that if the election was closer and the candidate who raised opposition was more skilled than Trump, we would be in deep shit. The electoral college has to go, it is a relic that has outlasted its’ usefulness. Think how different the world would be if Gore and Hillary would have been President. Written by Paul Dribin

St. Louis County Named One of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Counties in America for Thanksgiving | News Blog

Kinsa, the public health tracking company, has a new website where you can enter your zip code and find out the current score for your…
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This is bad news

Webster Groves Hires New City Manager

The City of Webster Groves, my home town has selected Marie Peeples as City Manager. She is a African American woman which is a first for Webster. Good news.

Good Editorial in the Post Dispatch on the Relationship Between Crime and Vacancies in City

This editorial has correctly pointed out something I have been saying for years, that crime is the biggest cause of population loss in the city. The black population of St. Louis County has increased from about 5% in 1975 to 23% now. Almost all those black residents have come from the city and are working, sending their kids to school etc. Many political leaders in St. Louis dance around this issue. Written by Paul Dribin

St. Louis Area Shows Higher Covid Outbreak in Counties that Do Not Have Mask Ordinances

This is a no brainer. I am appalled by the lack of leadership of our county officials. Written by Paul Dribin

Help for Coronavirus Affected People will End

Secretary Secretary Steve Manuchin has announced that he will not request an extension of coronavirus funds intended to help small businesses and individuals. These funds by statute run out the end of this year and will be returned to the treasury. The failure to extend will deepen the recession and hurt small businesses. It is again an example of the Trump administration’s scorched earth policy. Written by Paul Dribin

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