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Coup in the US

What Donald Trump and his minions are supporting by trying to overturn the election results is nothing short of a coup. Attempting to undo an election that is not even close is nothing short of treason. I am scared for our country; concerned that even if Trump is unsuccessful, more people may try to do the same thing. Nothing in American history compares to this. Written by Paul Dribin

St Louis Mayor to Not Run For Another Term

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson has announced she will not run for another term as mayor. This is somewhat of a surprise to me, but maybe she saw the handwriting on the wall. Tashura Jones, Cara Spencer and Lewis Reed are three strong candidates. Krewson never struck me as someone with much leadership ability and she embarrassed herself by naming people who had been arrested in demonstrations. She is a nice lady and was a good alderman but lacked the skills to be mayor. Written by Paul Dribin

Post Dispatch Editorial About the Need for Governor Parsons to Invoke Mask Ordinance Statewide

Parson has turned out to be a real turkey.

Tiny Homes

The City of St. Louis is building a number of Tiny homes in the downtown west area for homeless people. These homes are just a few hundred square feet and provide basic amenities. I do not think such a program is a good idea. Research and practice show that permanent supportive housing works best to eliminate homelessness. Furthermore,concentrating a number of homeless people together is not a good idea. Many homeless people do not want to remain in housing. Written by Paul Dribin

Stalking Horse in Mayoral Race

The St. Louis mayoral race will be taking place next year. A new voting system in which candidates do not run with party labels will take over. I assume that incumbent mayor. Lyda Krewson will run as will Tashara Jones, City Treasurer, and Cara Spencer, Alderman. Good sources tell me that Spencer who I regard as a very able alderman, is a stalking horse for Tashara Jones. The plan is for Spencer to divide the white vote, allowing Jones who is African American a clear path to mayor. This racial dividing has been a common factor in St. Louis mayoral politics for years.Writtenby Paul Dribin

Groups face strong headwinds in push to stem violence in St. Louis | Law and order |

Experts believe the effort to curtail gun violence starts with sustained public funding and initiatives whose effectiveness can be measured over time.
— Read on

This was a good article today in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. It provided good examples of the terrible violence in our community and the frustrations of those trying to deal with it. The article did lack context, any analysis, or recommendations. It highlighted all the agencies and organizations trying to improve things. That perhaps was my greatest disappointment, all kinds of small agencies are trying to do things with few resources and little coordination. Written by Paul Dribin

St. Louis authorizes the Use of Community Development Block Grants to help Coronavirus Victims

This is a good use of funds. People who lost jobs could end up homeless

Poor Covid Leadership in Missouri

I am disappointed to see the terrible spikes in coronavirus in Missouri and the poor political leadership. Governor Parsons has adopted a hands off approach with no guidance. I was particularly disappointed to see St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann refuse to cooperate with regional efforts, refuse mask ordinances, and express doubts about the efficacy of masks. The cases are spiking,St. Louis City and County are doing a good job,but the virus doesn’t stop at the Missouri River. Written by Paul Dribin

Why Has Missouri Turned Red?

An article in the Post Dispatch a political science Professor at St. Louis University

Disappointing Missouri Senators

Both Missouri Senators, Josh Hawley and Roy Blount have acted irresponsibly with regard to the Presidential election results which Joe Biden won. Hawley directly stated there may be fraud in the election results even though there is not the slightest evidence of such fraud. Blount who does not need Trump’s support stated that Trump may have won. Nothing is worse than destroying the legitimacy of our elections and governmental processes and such statements are a huge insult to the various Secretary’s of State and the millions of everyday people who work the elections. I am worried about our future. Legitimacy is a hard thing to get back. Written by Paul Dribin

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