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St. Louis to Implement New Neighborhood Development Strategy

The St. Louis Economic Development Corporation has announced a new plan for neighborhood development. I have not had opportunity to read the plan but will report back. In any case the them seems to be a community focused approach to development, rather than a developer driven approach. We will see what this means. I had been advocating this approach years ago. Written by Paul Dribin

Christianity, Cults, and Right Wing Terrorism

Many progressive Christians have expressed concern about the prevalence of Christians in the right wing terrorist and militia movement. They complain about Christians who fall for conspiracy theories. In actuality these movements have much in common with the structure of Christianity. They both ask you to suspend belief in reality and facts. Both believe in conspiracy theories. In the case of Christians the conspiracy is about people out to get them. Both have an air of moral superiority, believing they are the chosen by God and will be rewarded at a later time. Finally, both have a corner on truth.

So indeed it is not the least bit surprising that Christians are attracted to conspiracy theories and right wing movements. Written by Paul Dribin

Chaos in St Louis County Council

A good article that makes great sense

Causes of Violent Behavior

I am convinced that there have always been violent and weird people around. The difference is that social media magnifies their efforts and Trump expanded power to them immensely. Much has been written about this which I am not going to repeat. There is another factor which does not get much attention. That is the practice of well meaning people, often on the left to tolerate crazy speech and treat it as fact. Many people have said to me during the years that if someone believes something is true, that is ok for them and we should tolerate it. Many of these beliefs encompass left wing thought as well, such as GMO foof being dangerous, or vaccines being harmful. Is it possible to be too tolerant.? Senator Moynihan said that we are all entitled to our own opinions, not our own facts. We need to stop treating wacky opinions as facts. Written by Paul Dribin



Controversy About New Housing in Wellston

A nonprofit African American developer is attempting to build a new subdivision of for sale houses in Wellston at affordable prices and guarantee a reasonable rate of return for the homeowner. This seems great, except that small minded people in Wellston are opposed to it due to fears of gentrification and not being involved in the process. The homes will sit on land owned by a land trust. This resistance is the epitome of why things never get done in our region. I would welcome with open arms such a development but residents complain about gentrification in a community that has suffered significant disinvestment. I don’t get it. Written by Paul Dribin

Armed Insurrection

That is what we had at the capitol last week and what we face again. Donald Trump was impeached for the second time for his role in the affair. What is disgusting is that so many Republicans still voted not to impeach and will not condemn the President’s actions. Others are refusing to cooperate with leadership by not going through metal detectors or wearing masks. The Republican Party has become the party of insurrection. Truth no longer matters. Written by Paul Dribin

Disagreement on St. Louis County Council

Lisa Clancy used a slight of hand to be reelected as council leader in the last meeting and now some of her colleagues are upset. A change to the county council allowed an council member who voted in favor of Clancy to vote even though she had lost the election but her successor was sworn in. Regardless of the legalities, Clancy should have realized that the intent of the voters would have been to wait until the new member was sworn in to elect officers of the county council. In any case, a difficult situation is at hand. Written by Paul Dribin

George Will Hawley is the Most Ludicrous Senator–until-josh-hawley-pounced/2021/01/13/e85c278c-5506-11eb-a931-5b162d0d033d_story.html

Well said

More Hawley

Senator Hawley is now facing the prospect of the loss of corporate funding, and censure in the Senate. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

Group trying to Revitalize Jeff Vanderlou Neighborhood

I wish them well. I have worked numerous hours on trying to improve that neighborhood. Written by Paul Dribin

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