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Trip to Galleria

Brenda and I on Wednesday took a trip to Galleria for a movie and dinner. We ended up there because the theatre at Plaza Frontenac where we first went was closed. The movie we saw, Nomadland, was wonderful, a life changing spiritual experience. The experience at Galleria was depressing. Not many people were there and we noticed empty storefronts. The theatre itself had seats roped off with yellow tape, which was weird. Dinner was fine at California Pizza Kitchen, but the whole experience was fairly unnerving. Written by Paul Dribin


Covid Relief Bill and Politics

it is a mystery to me why Republicans don ‘t support the Covid relief package put forth by President Biden. It is hugely popular and will help Republican as well as Democratic constituents. I guess they are more focused on opposing anything Democrats propose than on getting anything done. Written by Paul Dribin

Defunding Police

New Attorney General Garland had to answer questions about defunding the police. He of course said that neither he nor President Biden were in favor of that. The whole concept is flawed and needlessly gives fuel to Republicans. What some progressives fail to realize is that there are some bad people out there who need to be dealt with strongly. It also means that important reforms to police need to take place. Written by Paul Dribin

Give People Money

It is encouraging to see President Biden on a path of significant social progress. Most important is perhaps is proposal for a childcare tax credit for poor families. This credit would boost innumerable families out of poverty. Senator Romney has a similar plan. I have been arguing for a long time in the housing arena to give money to low income people for rent, instead of funding construction of apartments, which mostly benefit developers and their hangers on. We have precedence for this. Both Social Security payments and the Low Income Tax Credit have lifted tons of people out of poverty quite simply. Give it a try. Written by Paul Dribin

A Good Article by Mayoral Candidate about Crime Problem in St. Louis

This guy makes sense

Black, Latino, and White Arrest Rates

I just read an article from the Urban Institute that I found disturbing. Blacks and other minorities are arrested at a higher rate in heavily minority neighborhoods even after controlling for crime rate. There is no excuse for this unless these folks mouth off to cops more causing more arrests. Written by Paul Dribin

Hud Criticized for Environmental Inaction

the Inspector General of HUD has strongly criticized the agency for not cleaning up environmental hazards in public housing such as lead based paint. This has been a problem for years, and HUD has lacked the resources to address the problem. This is a terrible situation which endangers tenants and must be corrected. Written by Paul Dribin

Development Incentives in St. Louis

This issues has been debated for ever. Unfortunately,, there would be little development in St. Louis without incentives because the numbers don’t work otherwise. Developers have lots of opportunities to develop elsewhere and the social problems in the city plus antiquated development practices make developing in the city more difficult and expensive. Aldermen who are concerned about incentives need to work to revise city practices that are inefficient. Written by Paul Dribin

Nimbyism in California

A great article by Ezra Klein in New York Times. Despite liberal rhetoric, we often block programs that advance racial equity.

St. Louis Area to Finally Get Equitable Portion of Covid Vaccine

A good article from Post Dispatch that summarizes issue. St. Louis area which constitutes 37% of state population received 17% of vaccine. Politics? Parsons likes rural areas. Written by Paul Dribin

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