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Racism in St. Louis County Police Department

A great article by Antonio French of the Post Dispatch. The leadership of St. Louis County Police Department is clueless. The chief said there was no racism. No in addition to questions about leadership of County Council, we have a major discrimination lawsuit in the police department.


Raising the Minimum Wage

Raising the minimum wage is a big agenda item for Democrats. I support this policy. A recent study has just concluded that each time the minimum wage has been raised, the earnings gap between blacks and whites has decreased. This is good. The negative to raising the minimum wage is a loss of low end jobs. I know there are some downsides, but a raise is overall good policy. Written by Paul Dribin

Metrolink Security

Metrolink is the light rail system in St. Louis which has been plagued by lack of ridership and crime. Last week an unarmed security guard working for metro was killed by a thug. The board took up an offer to arm security guards and declined to do so. This is a mistake. The system is in shambles and most people will not ride the trains due to security concerns. I have written extensively about the flaws of Metrolink, security being a major one. Written by Paul Dribin

Public School Teacher Unions

This post is at odds with my normal liberal view on things. I believe public schools teachers as represented by their unions have acted poorly during the coronavirus and have put their own political needs against the best interest of their students.

Schools should reopen with the proper safeguards. Evidence has shown that schools are fairly safe environments and that children do not spread the virus. Poor and underserved children have fallen dangerously behind in the remote learning environment. Teachers need to demonstrate the regard for their students they claim to have. Written by Paul Dribin

A Strong Plea for Green Energy

An excellent article by former Mayor Slay

More St. Louis County Council Hi Jinks

County Executive Page has appointed Rochelle Walton Gray to a position as Covid outreach coordinator. The trouble is Ms. Gray totally lacks experience for the position. Her claim to fame is voting for Lisa Clancy, a Page crony as Council Chair after her term expired, probably an unconstitutional action. This is simply pay to play and unethical. Written by Paul Dribin

Good Editorial about the Foolishness of Missouri Governor

Vaccine Distribution in St. Louis Area

The distribution of the virus like everything associated with pandemic relief has been helter skelter. The City of St. Louis has been criticized for establishing a mass vaccination site with accusations that less worthy people had received the vaccine. I cannot be too critical, because getting it in as many arms as possible will alleviate the spread of the disease. I cannot be critical of recipients who may have fibbed to get the vaccine because they cannot rely on rapid delivery of future shipments. Hopefully the national relief bill when passed can address these issues. Written by Paul Dribin

Another Sign Missouri is a Hoosier State

The Missouri legislature is trying to pass a law that would override federal gun laws which are more stringent than Missouri’s. Such an effort is clearly unconstitutional and is simply grandstanding to appeal to the know nothings in the state. Written by Paul Dribin

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