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Housing Subsidies in St. Louis

Development subsidies have been a controversial topic in St. Louis. Progressives and conservatives alike tend to think development is over subsidized. My experience is that due to market constraints, not much of anything would be build in St. Louis without subsidies. Mayor Tamra Jones has extricated a commitment from a developer of market rate housing in Grand Center to also build some workforce units on the north side. This is all fine, but what activists don’t realize is that you don’t create a market by building housing. People will not live in certain neighborhoods due to crime. That is a fact. Written by Paul Dribin


St. Louis Could Benefit from Housing Boom and Exodus from High Priced City

Interested column by David Nicklaus in Post Dispatch. St. Louis as usual is not doing enough to attract high paid workers who are fleeing places like San Francisco. St. Louis has a lot to offer but needs to get crime under control.

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