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How Better Together’s Plan Will Circumvent Democracy and Bankrupt St. Louis | Feature | St. Louis | St. Louis News and Events | Riverfront Times

At first I thought it was an oversight. When Better Together announced its plan to merge St. Louis city and county, I was excited by…
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This is an incredibly thorough and well reasoned criticism of Better Together. It convinced me. Paul dribin

Alternatives to better together

I think Better Together is in trouble. There is a proposal to make St Louis City a part of the county. That seems like a good idea

Serious questions about better together

Ray Hartman shared a great article he wrote about Better Together. The gist of the article is simple; the claims made about the benefit of merging government have no basis in reality. This is too bad. The region clearly needs to merge governmental functions and do things differently. Better Together May be too grandiose of a plan. Written by Paul Dribin

Better Together Sheds Stenger

Better Together which is leading an initiative to join the city and county has shed a major albatross. Under the original concept, County Executive Stenger would become mayor of the whole deal. This is offensive to many of us who have little regard for Mr. Stenger. The new concept allows for an initial election of the new mayor. This makes a lot more sense. Written by Paul Dribin

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