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Choteau Greenway is Moving Ahead

this is good news. I don’t see any downside to building this greenway. It will connect neighborhoods provide safe biking routes, get people to exercise and maybe create economic development. Written by Paul Dribin

Designing a More Inclusive City

A way for St. Louis to prosper is to be as welcoming and inclusive as possible. An article I just read in the New Yok Times describes how often through subtle measures we exclude people. An example the author cited was the lack of comfortable seating in public spaces. These measures of course by themselves are not game changers but are part of an overall package that make cities appealing. Written by a Paul Dribin

Design Competition for Bikeway

The city is seeking design firms to do the drawing relative to the Choteau Bikeway, from Forest Park to the arch. It is intended to utilize some railroad rights of way and should be a welcome addition to the already extensive system of bikeways in the St. Louis area. Written by Paul Dribin

Forest Park

Forest Park in St. Louis has been selected as the best urban park in the United States. The award is well deserved. With all the problems in St. Louis, it is easy to overlook our great resources; Forest Park being at the top of the list. In addition to being a great park in its’ own right it is home to the St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis Art Museum, Missouri History Museum, The St. Louis Science Center, and the Municipal Opera. The park had always been great and has been very successfully improved by the efforts of Forest Park Forever. Announcements were made today about improvements for the future. Written by Paul Dribin

Biking in the St. Louis Region

A good story about the St. Louis region is that we have some of the best and most advanced bike trails in the country. Praise needs to be given to Trailnet , the people who founded it, led by Peter Sortino, and the taxpayers who voted to pay for it. Trailnet is recommending that visitors tour the area on bikes. An excellent idea. Written by Paul Dribin

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