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West Lake Landfill Cleanup

We have written previously about the problems associated with the West Lake Landfill near Bridgeton. Extremely toxic waste was dumped there at the time of the Manhattan Project creating the atomic bomb. Activists have been bringing action for years in an effort to get the site remediated.

The federal EPA has proposed a major but incomplete cleanup to the site. We understand they are proposing cleaning up 70% of the toxic site and removing the radiation. Environmental groups are looking for a more complete cleanup.

We regard these efforts as a good start but not enough. The whole site needs to be remediated and homeowners moved. Written by Paul Dribin

West Lake Landfill

Thanks to the efforts of David Behrens, I am becoming more aware of this situation and do not like what I see. This is an EPA designated superfund site in Bridgeton that has been getting attention and negative comments for some time. There have been fires burning consistently for years and people living amidst the radioactive landfill. Republic Corporation who also picks up garbage and recycling dumps their trash in the fill which has been contaminated by the sludge from enriched uranium. My understanding is the sludge is then given to MSD who treats it and dumps it in the Mississippi River. The federal EPA has refused to offer buyouts and relocation for residents and full cleanup of the site. Written by Paul Dribin

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