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The Syrian Refugees Escaped War, Only to Land in One of St. Louis’ Toughest Neighborhoods | Feature | St. Louis News and Events | Riverfront Times

At the dinner to benefit Syrian refugees, there aren’t enough seats for the Syrians. The room at the Boo Cat Club is packed, and Jessica…
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A decent article. Syrian refugees left horrific conditions and were relocated here in St. Louis in a neighborhood which is also horrific, unsafe, bad housing. Written by Paul Dribin

Sanctuary Cities

St. Louis and many other like minded cities in the United States have deemed themselves to be Sanctuary Cities. What this means to my mind is these cities will not cooperate with federal officials to arrest and deport undocumented immigrants. This is certainly a morally popular position to take and on the face of it makes sense. After all, immigration policy is in a shambles and many undocumented folks are key people in their communities.

I have two problems with Sanctuary Cities, both practical and philosophical. From a practical point of view, cities should not be harboring dangerous criminals. The Trump administration has seriously exaggerated the seriousness of this problem, but it exists. Second, I have a problem with any city disobeying federal law. I am a big believer in law and society will become unmanageable if everybody only followed laws they liked. What if some cities decided to not enforce civil rights laws or gay marriage. We can’t pick and choose what we obey.

The answer to the problem of Sanctuary Cities is to pass a sane immigration law. I am not optimistic this will happen in the near future. Written by Paul Dribin

Two Contradictory and Yet Similar Views of Missouri

I take the lists of best and worst to not be worth very much. Nevertheless in the competitive world of travel and jobs maybe they do play a role.

First, a list I just saw ranks St. Louis as the very best place for a young person to move. The report cites the low cost of housing and cultural amenities. I think we all know that, the question is how do we harness it to bring more young people here and retain the ones we have. I would suggest offering a free weekend trip to St. Louis for anyone who wants it who live a certain distance away. Paying for this would of course be an issue but maybe the Regional Chamber can tighten up on some of their salaries to do this. Our cultural amenities are on a par with the greatest cities in the world

On the extremely negative side, Fodor’s published a list of where not to travel in the world, Missouri was listed right up there with Myanmar and Cuba( actually you would be safer in Cuba for sure). I don’t know why Missouri is worse than some other redneck states but we are. Much of it goes back to the NAACP report from awhile ago. Written by Paul Dribin

Chesterfield Mobile Home Park

I attended a meeting today of some good citizens who are attempting to find a solution to save the residents of a mobile home park in Chesterfield who could be facing eviction.

The park has been located in Chesterfield since before that community was incorporated. There are presently about 130 families living there, who may own or rent their mobile home and all rent their spaces. They pay $350 a month in rent.

A developer has come forth who has apparently reached agreement with the park owner to sell the property for the construction of apartments. The tenants who are on month to month leases are naturally worried.

We are working to oppose the zoning change necessary for this transaction and come up with an alternative development proposal which would leave the existing low income residents in place.

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