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Can smart cities be equitable?

“As the urban world becomes “smarter,” cities will have an opportunity to become more inclusive,” Homi Kharas and Jaana Remes write.
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A good article from Brookings


Missouri State Tax Credits

The ouster of Greitens may improve the chances of reinstating Missouri credits. Jeff Smith, Executive Director of MOWAHA is quoted in the article saying the credits are efficient and effective. They are neither. Written by Paul Dribin

City Growth Declines

Census data shows growth of cities declines. All our assumptions about folks wanting to move back to cities may be erroneous.

A Test of Guaranteed Income

This is an interesting article from the New York Times about a test of an annual income in Stockton California. I believe some form of a guaranteed income is the way to go. Too much of the funding of traditional housing programs goes to third parties and does not benefit the recipient. Written by Paul Dribin

The Not-So Hidden Truths About the Segregation of America’s Housing – Shelterforce

There are sometimes audible gasps in a room as Richard Rothstein talks about his book, The Color of Law, and the United States government’s work to create, encourage, and enforce racial segregation in housing in the 20th century.

Excellent interview with richard rothstein about housing segregation
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Status of Housing Reform

Mel Watt testified before Congress on FNMA, Freddie Mac reform. The most significant part of his testimony concerned the lack of overall housing and especially affordable units. He stated that construction has not kept pace with demand and that most new construction was at the high end of the spectrum. This has a great effect on the St. Louis region and the rest of the country. Written by Paul Dribin

Housing for Homeless Veterans

Article about facility in north county for homeless vets

McKee again

an excellent column by Bill McClellan

Segregation Levels in St. Louis Remain High, Study Finds | News Blog

Of the 50 largest metros in the United States, St. Louis has the sixth highest rate of minority residential segregation, a new report has found….
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St. Louis still has high levels of housing segregation

Opportunity zones

a good article from Shelterforce. These zones have the opportunity to get significant capital investment in low income areas. The question raised is if the residents in those communities will benefit.

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