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Families Living in Areas With Access to Good Public Transportation do not Necessarily Spend Less on Transportation

This article based on heavy research concludes that people who live near transit that takes them to jobs do not necessarily spend less on transportation. The reason they spend less is that they have lower incomes.


Yes in my neighborhood

A great article in Washington Post about the zoning and land use barriers we construct that cause housing to be unaffordable.

Bicycle Sharing in St. Louis

St. Louis is beginning a bicycle sharing program. This is a good program and I hope it works well. It will not make a difference in pollution, health etc. but is just fun and another amenity for our community. Written by Paul Dribin

Work requirements for SNAP

A very thoughtful article on the subject from Jared Bernstein

The costs of poverty

a great article by Washington U professor about the costs of poverty. The U.S. has weakest social safety net of any industrialized country.

Dr king boulevard

a fight over naming street for Dr King in Kansas City

Housing discrimination

an excellent editorial from New York Times about housing discrimination

Fair Housing Law

Former Vice President Walter Mondale presents an excellent discussion on the federal Fair Housing Law of 1968 which was intended to outlaw racial discrimination and segregation in housing. Mr. Mondale presents some very accurate points about the serious flaws in implementing the law by the federal bureaucracy including HUD where I worked. The political consequences are still strong for politicians who support open housing. We do know that living in safe neighborhoods with good schools is the number one things a poor family can do to improve their lives. Written by Paul Dribin

A bad racist housing program

This article itemizes a new form of land contract housing sales. It preys on African American people of limited means and marginal credit. People pay monthly but title to the property does not transfer until after a long number of years. The potential buyers build no equity and if they miss a payment they are out with no equity to show for it. These programs were used for blockbusting in Chicago when I grew up. Written by Paul Drib in

Housing and healthcare

a good article from Shelterforce weekly

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