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St. Louis Airport Privatization

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen is horsing around with a bill which would require a public vote before airport privatization. They certainly seem to be bought off. I normally don’t like ballot initiatives, but in this case the elected officials are clearly not doing their jobs. I also heard today that they are hiring a “communications consultant.” This is in a city that can’t afford to repair garbage trucks. Written by Paul Dribin


Safest Cities

Wallet Hub website rated the safest cities in the United States on a number of factors. Guess what, St. Louis came in the fourth from the bottom. Places like Detroit and Baton Rouge were the only cities that ranked lower. Good work. Written by Paul Dribin

Loop Trolley

A recent article showed that the trolley is hugely in debt. This is no surprise. What concerns me is that local governments may be called upon to bail them out. Please don’t. Let it die of natural causes. Written by Paul Dribin

Minority Participation in Tech Startups

David Nicklaus wrote an excellent article in the Post Sunday about this matter. The tech industry is still short on minority and woman participation. The organizations seem to be trying to do everything they can to train and hire minorities, but it is still a difficult and ongoing process. Written by Paul Dribin

Scooter Charging

I am amused and also a little upset with the new economy. The Post wrote that scooter companies pay people to pick up the scooters each night and charge them. From the tone of the article it sounds like people are a little aggressive about going after these scooters.

I have mixed feelings. These companies are valued in the billions of dollars but pay individuals(who they treat as contractors) to scrounge around and get paid a pittance doing grunt work. Is this the new economy? Is this a good thing? Written by Paul Dribin

Loop Follies Redo

The Loop Trolley opened in a way today. Instead of running the whole route it turned around halfway through. The leadership of the trolley blame it on a bureaucratic snafu. Oh well!

Loop Trolley Opening Pushed Back

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Community activists in Queens and Long Island are protesting Amazon’s arrival in their communities. I know there can be gentrification, higher costs etc. but still this is worth billions. Hammer out community benefit agreements and insure there is an increase in affordable housing but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. ( I am big on cliches today). Written by Paul Dribin

Kemolls Leaves Downtown

Kemolls, an excellent restaurant that has been in the downtown for 90 years is leaving for Westport. Bad news for downtown, a real institution. Business must have been falling off.


St. Louis like many cities has an abundance of social problems that bring down life for our community. Several months ago, David Brooks wrote that there are two strongly different perspectives on the cause of our problems. Conservatives believe that poor people are mainly to blame for their problems due to poor choices they make. Progressives tend to blame societal structures such as racism for society’s ills and believe there is little individual responsibility.

The reality lies in the middle. Conservatives are blinded to societal prejudices that push down poor people. Liberals are unwilling to admit that even in a perfect society people make poor choices that ruin their lives. If we could ever understand both of these perspectives we might make progress in ending poverty. Written by Paul Dribin

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