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Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Community activists in Queens and Long Island are protesting Amazon’s arrival in their communities. I know there can be gentrification, higher costs etc. but still this is worth billions. Hammer out community benefit agreements and insure there is an increase in affordable housing but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. ( I am big on cliches today). Written by Paul Dribin


Kemolls Leaves Downtown

Kemolls, an excellent restaurant that has been in the downtown for 90 years is leaving for Westport. Bad news for downtown, a real institution. Business must have been falling off.


St. Louis like many cities has an abundance of social problems that bring down life for our community. Several months ago, David Brooks wrote that there are two strongly different perspectives on the cause of our problems. Conservatives believe that poor people are mainly to blame for their problems due to poor choices they make. Progressives tend to blame societal structures such as racism for society’s ills and believe there is little individual responsibility.

The reality lies in the middle. Conservatives are blinded to societal prejudices that push down poor people. Liberals are unwilling to admit that even in a perfect society people make poor choices that ruin their lives. If we could ever understand both of these perspectives we might make progress in ending poverty. Written by Paul Dribin

Soccer Stadium in St. Louis

Some good news. A new soccer stadium and team have resurfaced in St. Louis. The best news is that it will be privately funded led by the Taylor family of Enterprise Car Rental. The people who voted against city funding for the previous stadium have been more than vindicated. Maybe if communities said no more often to these hairbrained schemes, good things will happen. I do not think the effort at a privately funded stadium would have surfaced unless the community said no to the publicly funded one. Written by Paul Dribin

New Zoo Park

The St. Louis Zoo is promoting a new endeavor; an adventure park in north St. Louis County. They are asking county voters for a sales tax increase to fund the development.

I have mixed feelings about this development. It can be an economic development tool for north county which needs it and will add to the list of attractions in the St. Louis area. The biggest negative is that other surrounding counties are not being asked to support it. Again, good news is that those who are not supporting it financially will need to pay for admission. I am not yet sure how I will vote. Written by Paul Dribin

Light Gun Sentences

The Post Dispatch recently ran an editorial with which I totally agree. They opined for stronger gun laws and stronger sentencing of criminals using guns in the act of their crimes. Some judges habitually hand out suspended sentences for criminals convicted of violent crimes. A high ranking official who would know said that suspended sentences have been invoked in St. Louis for all crimes except murder I. A police captain who I know said two of his officers were shot, the perpetrator caught, and upon receiving trial was awarded a suspended sentence. This has to stop. Written by Paul Dribin

Housing market slows

Bezos Donations

This is a story that shows no good deed goes unpunished. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon is donating $2 billion of his own funds to support Montessori Schools and help the homeless. The left is complaining that he is acting privileged, this is not a good idea because the government should do it, we shouldn’t let rich guys run the country etc. I don’t get it. Wealthy people have contributed financially to this country forever with great results. Bill Gates though his foundation has almost reduced malaria in Africa. Carnegie endowed libraries. Are we better off if Bezos put the money in his own pocket?

Eminent Domain

I’m not sure I totally understand this story. The City of St. Louis is involving eminent domain against one of its agencies, the Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority. (LCRA). This is to convey clear title to the NGA which is taking over land owned by the city for their facility. I guess this makes sense but is very strange.

Violent Crime Up in St. Louis

This headline speaks for itself. Bad news. I don’t see anyone addressing it.

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