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Better Together defeated by its own political amateurism | Mike Jones |

In 1992 David Halberstam wrote a new introduction for the 20th anniversary edition of “The Best and the Brightest.” He wrote that his favorite passage of the book was a
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excellent column by Mike Jones in The American explaining the failure of Better Together


St. Louis needs to keep going on efforts to recruit immigrants

this NYT article describes efforts of upstate New York cities to recruit immigrants. St. Louis has a number of organizations trying to do this. Many of these groups have been hard hit by Trump. The previous groups of immigrants to our community have increased the economy and vibrancy of our region. Written by Paul Dribin

Thoughtful Post Editorial about Low Income Housing Tax Credits

A thoughtful criticism of black lives mattered

This is what I have been saying

John Rallo Pleads Not Guilty

Businessman at heart of Stenger Probe

Sheila Sweeney to Plead Guilty in Stenger Deal

I have known she was crooked for a long time. An issue not getting much attention with all this is the ridiculously high salaries up and down the line in the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership. Written by Paul Dribin

Post Editorial about Potential Demolition of Public Housing Units in Wollstonecraft

I don’t see any sense in rebuilding these horrible units. There needs to be sufficient funding to build new

City pays Gardner,s Defense Coste

This doesn’t,t seem right

Airport Privitazation Scam

Alderwomen Cara Spencer reports the consultants appearance at a public meeting was canceled. The fix is in on this deal which will not benefit the public.

Better Together Pulling Back

The Post Dispatch carried a story this afternoon which said that Better Together was withdrawing its’ initiative petition from the state. The board believes with a lot of justification that the initiative cannot pass unless there are provisions that the city and county provide a majority concern. Many potential supporters and critics are concerned that a statewide vote is not fair because the outstate voters do not have skin in the game. This is a wise move and hopefully will help the process. Written by Paul Dribin

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