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A Lot of Money Spent on Tight Schupp-Wagner Race

Jill Schupp has a chance to defeat do nothing Ann Wagner. My biggest objections to Ms. Wagner are that she is controlled by the insurance industry, never has public meetings, tried to kill Obamacare, and tried to weaken efforts to clean up the securities industry. I can’t believe a Congresswomanj has never had public meetings. Written by Paul Dribin


Missouri 2nd Congressional District

This district represented by Republican Ann Wagner represents the western suburbs of St. Louis, formerly a heavily Republican area. Wagner is being challenged in the race by Jill Schupp, a Democratic former state representative and senator. Schupp has raised a lot of money and appears to be neck and neck with Wagner. The race really boils down to if suburban Republican women turn against Wagner in the same number they turned against Trump. Voter turnout is high. Stay tuned. Written by Paul Dribin

Trump underperforming in St. Louis suburbs

According to the Cook Political Report, President Trump is significantly underperforming in Missouri’s second congressional district compared to 2016. This is the district represented by Ann Wagner, Republican. Trump is running over 10 points behind his results in the 2016 election when he carried the district. This is great news for Wagner’s challenger, Jill Schupp. Written by Paul Dribin

Schupp-Wagner Race

Ann Wagner is my congressperson, representing western St. Louis and parts of St. Charles and Jefferson Counties. She has been a staunch conservative and has gleefully supported elimination of the Affordable Care Act. Furthermore in 8 years she has never held a public meeting. Jill Schupp is her opponent, a sane, competent, moderate liberal. She needs to win.

Jill Schupp

I am cautiously optimistic that Jill Schupp can unseat the conservative Republican, Ann Wagner in the race of US Congress in the western suburbs. Wagner has been an outstanding example of a do nothing Congresswoman, who has never held a community meeting and is controlled by big business and conservative interests. Written by Paul Dribin

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