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Biden and affordable housing

Good srticke in washington post

Opportunity Zones Don’t Work

This article points out an analysis that those of us in the field already knew; Opportunity Zones Don’t Work. This program initiated by the Trump Administration provided deferral of capital gains taxes for businesses investing in underserved areas. Research has shown the investments were only made for projects which would have been built anyway. The Biden Administration is trying to change it which is a good idea. Written by Paul Dribin


Covid Relief Bill and Politics

it is a mystery to me why Republicans don ‘t support the Covid relief package put forth by President Biden. It is hugely popular and will help Republican as well as Democratic constituents. I guess they are more focused on opposing anything Democrats propose than on getting anything done. Written by Paul Dribin

Can Biden Get His Agenda Through

I will add my two cents to the comments. This blog is supposed to comment on local issues but this affects us all. I do think there is a real chance to pass covid relief measures and an infrastructure bill. The Democrats need to remove things like raising the minimum wage from the covid bill. That was stuck in to appease the left wing of the party. I think there are enough Republicans who are willing to compromise. An infrastructure bill should also be able to pass providing there are not poison pills in it. Right now there is some posturing on both sides which is ok. Written by Paul Dribin

Marcia Fudge Draws Criticism as HUD Secretary

The affordable housing industry and academia are critical of her selection because she has little experience in the field. I tend to be more generous; if she hires good people and is a strong advocate she could be successful. HUD has not been a major player for years and is unlikely to be one moving forward. Written by Paul Dribin

A Great Day Politically

Yesterday was a great day politically. The Michigan Board of Elections voted to affirm Biden as their presidential representative. Biden announced some great cabinet picks, and the world is moving on. What is scary is that if the election was closer and the candidate who raised opposition was more skilled than Trump, we would be in deep shit. The electoral college has to go, it is a relic that has outlasted its’ usefulness. Think how different the world would be if Gore and Hillary would have been President. Written by Paul Dribin

Biden Win

Great to see. My wife and I enjoyed a glass of Champaign together to celebrate. People on the left need to be patient and understand Washington politics. There is not a mandate for radical change. Biden will be lucky to get routine things done if Republicans control congress. Written by Paul Dribin

Election Takes 2

While it seems certain that Biden will win the Presidency, many friends of mine are disappointed that he didn’t win in a landslide. I too shared that disappointment. What is difficult to come to grips with is that virtually half the country thought enough of Trump, a lunatic, incompetent, crooked man. But we know that even if Biden won in a landslide there would be around 45% of the country voting for Tump. We need to try to understand the psyche of Trump voters and try to bring the country back together. Joe Biden is a great man for that. Written by Paul Dribin

Election Takes

As I write this several states need to be called in the general election. I feel pretty confident that Biden will win. I am thrilled to see Trump out of there but I am somewhat disappointed in the results. It is amazing to me that almost half the country would vote for this madman, crook, and incompetent. I am concerned about how we move ahead. I am also disappointed that the Democrats will not be able to flip the Senate, and that local congressional candidate Jill Schupp lost. Also the passage of Amendment 3 which overrides the Missouri Clean Initiative is a major step backward for our state and locks in Republican gerrymandering for the future. Written by Paul Dribin

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