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Child Tax Credit

A tax credit or grant will be available to most families under President Biden’s Covid Relief Act. This is a great idea and puts money with no strings attached in the hands of families who need the money. The long term positive effects of this are enormous. Senator Romney has proposed even a more generous benefit. This is good stuff. Written by Paul Dribin


Give People Money

It is encouraging to see President Biden on a path of significant social progress. Most important is perhaps is proposal for a childcare tax credit for poor families. This credit would boost innumerable families out of poverty. Senator Romney has a similar plan. I have been arguing for a long time in the housing arena to give money to low income people for rent, instead of funding construction of apartments, which mostly benefit developers and their hangers on. We have precedence for this. Both Social Security payments and the Low Income Tax Credit have lifted tons of people out of poverty quite simply. Give it a try. Written by Paul Dribin

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