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St. Louis and Cincinnati

We are visiting our kids and grandkids in Cincinnati. This city is often compared to St. Louis as older river cities. This comparison is overly superficial. What we have noticed here in Cincinnati is the better quality of the neighborhoods in the city and the vibrancy of the downtown. A big difference we have observed is the riverfront. Cincinnati has miles of recreational land along the Ohio River which is beautiful, and free. Families actually come in from the suburbs to use the facilities, playgrounds, walkways, parks, etc. St. Louis has virtually no activity along the riverfront except for the arch grounds. This is a huge difference and speaks miles about the differences between the two cities. Written by Paul Dribin

A Great Idea to Make Rental Housing More Affordable

The City of Cincinnati is proposing an alternative to security deposits which often cause low income tenants to not afford rental housing. The program requires an alternative such as paying a small amount each month, or taking insurance to cover it. This process seems to protect both tenants and landlords. We should try it in St Louis. Written by Paul Dribin

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