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Good Idea by Cori Bush

The freshman congresswoman from St. Louis is calling for a national study that would look at the discriminatory environmental impacts that pollution has on people of color. Many studies have shown that the location of environmental hazards disproportionately effect black people. Written by Paul Dribin


Cori Bush Campaign Rhetoric

Ms. Bush, a local activist defeated Lacey Clay for the Congressional seat in Missouri’s first district which is almost totally Democratic. Ms. Bush will certainly win the general election and become the next congresswoman. I wish her well and hope her progressive views bring about needed change. She needs to tighten up her rhetoric. She made a comment calling for the defunding of the Defense Department. To most people defunding means entirely eliminating funding. That was not what she meant but the statement provides fuel to conservatives. Written by Paul Dribin

Good Article about Cori Bush Win

From Washington Post. The author argues that moderation has failed. Written by Paul Dribin

Cori Bush Again

A good discussion about Cori’s enormous win took place on Donneybrook last night. The panelists caused me to add another dimension to my thinking. Was Cori’s election a freak? Did the racial unrest and pandemic cause a perfect storm or outrage that led to her election? How does this bode for the mayoral election in St. Louis? Stay tuned. Written by Paul Dribin

Cori Bush

I was very surprised to find out last night that political newcomer and progressive activist Cori Bush defeated incumbent congressman Lacey Clay in the Democratic primary. Mr. Clay had been in office too long and was pretty lazy and corrupt but I felt he had too much power to lose. I wish Cori well as she transitions from being an outsider to an insider. Usually that transition is difficult to make.

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