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Missouri Screws Up Coronavirus Again

Reports were heard today that the data system tracking coronavirus cases in Missouri is faulty. The number of cases has increased dramatically which the Parson administration says is an error. Why is the system faulty after all this time? Is this political? The public health of our state deserves better. Written by Paul Dribin


Coronavirus Misinformation

I am appalled as are many people by the latest misinformation coming from the CDC. They said that people who were exposed to covid but asymptomatic did not need to get tested. This flies in the face of all medical evidence and common sense. I am sure this change came from Trump who wants to keep testing down due to some perverted idea that will lower the number of coronavirus cases. Written by Paul Dribin

Emergency Housing Funds Requested in St. Louis

Mayor Lyda Krewson has requested a significant amount of funds to help struggling renters and homeowners in the city who have been hurt by the coronavirus. This is a necessary and important move. Written by Paul Dribin

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