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Terrible Jobs Report for St. Louis

Jobs in St. Louis are down by an enormous amount due to the pandemic. It is highly unlikely they will all return. Even in normal times, job growth in St. Louis was half the national average. Another sign that does not bode well for our community. Written by Paul Dribin

Coronavirus and Evictions

All evidence shows that we are facing a huge volume of evictions caused by the economic decline related to the coronavirus. Some people urge moratoriums on evictions. The problem with this policy if that landlords are denied rent payments, they will suffer a significant loss of income and face foreclosure on their loans. The answer is simple, the government should make rent payments on behalf of eligible renters. This will solve the problem and not punish landlords. Written by Paul Dribin

Coronavirus Has Hurt Downtown St. Louis

A good article. about the problems businesses in downtown face. I am pessimistic about downtown St. Louis. More people will work from home requiring less office space and supporting businesses.

Mike Parsons, Missouri Governor, Continues to Ignore Coronavirus Protocol;

The Governor is still ignoring advice from the feds that Missouri needs to step up its’ efforts to ban social gatherings and require masks. How many people will lose their lives due to Parson’s inaction?

Republicans Attempt Again to Limit Local Control

Despite rhetoric espousing local control, Missouri Republicans are again trying to limit it. There is a group proposing a law that would limit the ability of local officials to issue orders regarding public health. This has all evolved out of criticism of Sam Page, of St. Louis County for closing bars and limiting sports activities. Seems strange and hypocritical to me. Written by Paul Dribin

Tenant’s Rights During Pandemic

There is broad support for providing a moratorium on evictions during the covid period. I am all for that with the following caveats. First the individual must have been current on their rent before coronavirus hit. Second, landlords must also be taken care of. If people don’t pay rent, landlords can’t make mortgage payments. Please keep these principles in mind. Written by Paul Dribin

St. Louis County Named One of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Counties in America for Thanksgiving | News Blog

Kinsa, the public health tracking company, has a new website where you can enter your zip code and find out the current score for your…
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This is bad news

Help for Coronavirus Affected People will End

Secretary Secretary Steve Manuchin has announced that he will not request an extension of coronavirus funds intended to help small businesses and individuals. These funds by statute run out the end of this year and will be returned to the treasury. The failure to extend will deepen the recession and hurt small businesses. It is again an example of the Trump administration’s scorched earth policy. Written by Paul Dribin

Post Dispatch Editorial About the Need for Governor Parsons to Invoke Mask Ordinance Statewide

Parson has turned out to be a real turkey.

St. Louis authorizes the Use of Community Development Block Grants to help Coronavirus Victims

This is a good use of funds. People who lost jobs could end up homeless

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