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Vote to Limit Sam Page

In the usual narrow minded manner, thousands of St. Louis County residents voted to limit the power of County Executive Sam Page to declare health emergencies. This has primarily resulted from parents who are upset their children were limited in their ability to participate in sports. To me, this is ludicrous and an example of why we cant successfully fight coronavirus. I have given Dr. Page major compliments for his strong stance against the coronavirus which has saved lives. He will veto the bill anyway so the whole effort is totally symbolic. Written by Paul Dribin

St. Louis County Council News

Two key items. The council is trying to claw back its’ authority to control covid funds from the federal government. This is a good idea, but probably too late.

Second, the County Executive proposed a budget that gives raises to everyone and has no reduction in service. This seems to me and many on the county council as a fantasy. What is happening is that Sam Page, County Executive is running for office in November. He does not want to face the voters when he is raising taxes or cutting services. Look for a new budget after the election. Written by Paul Dribin

Trump’s Illness

The kind and proper thing to do is wish the President well. I do rationally but can’t emotionally. His carelessness has caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people. His behavior with the virus has been even more irresponsible. There is a debate whether it is ever proper to rejoice at someone else’s suffering. We will see. Written by Paul Dribin

Missouri Behind Curve on Coronavirus

I have always complained that Missouri doesn’t lead the country in anything. I later found out we were first in meth labs and obesity. Now we have one of the worst records of any state in addressing coronavirus. The feds are coming down on us for our poor performance, more people are hospitalized and dying, but we do nothing. Maybe Trump and Parsons coming down with it may change peoples’ minds. Written by Paul Dribin

Moratorium on Evictions

During the coronavirus pandemic, the federal government has issued a moratorium on evictions during the crisis. This moratorium applied only to apartments with federally assisted loans and grants. The idea is good as a stopgap but has problems as a larger policy. First, how will the landlords pay their bills with rents suspended? Second, many of these tenants owed back rent before coronavirus which was not the immediate cause of their delinquency. Finally, this only suspends rent payments, it doesn’t eliminate them. What happens in the future when the moratorium is lifted? Written by Paul Dribin

Masks in Jefferson County

The Post-Dispatch published a disturbing article today about the Coronavirus outbreak in Jefferson County MO. The county is partially suburban and rural. The citizens seem to be strongly opposed to any mask ordinance. As a result the number of cases has increased significantly and hospital space is at a premium. I am puzzled why people don’t change their attitudes when they see an increase in cases, deaths, etc. The definition of insanity is to keep doing what you were even when it didn’t work. Written by Paul Dribin

Misguided Criticism of Sam Page

I think this is hysterical. The coronavirus epidemic is higher than it should be in the St. Louis region because people are not adhering to masking and distancing guidelines, going to bars etc. County Executive Page has issued requirements limiting youth sports activities. Parents are not protesting at Page’s house to express their displeasure with Dr. Page for his policies. The real villain is not Dr. Page but the reckless behavior of many of these same parents. Written by Paul Dribin

Coronavirus Relief and Poverty

The coronavirus relief efforts that have expired were remarkable successful at keeping people out of poverty in the short term. The additional unemployment plus the one time tax refunds helped millions of people stabilize their lives and prevent more poverty. We should learn a lesson from this for general public policy. A comprehensive program of cash payments to poor people could end poverty and stabilize the economy. Why don’t we implement such a program? I suspect vested interests. Written by Paul Dribin

Jeffferson County Rescinds Mask Ordinance

Much to my surprise Jefferson County passed an ordinance requiring masks of anyone 5 years or older. Yesterday the ordinance was rescinded for procedural reasons regarding proper notice. I hope the ordinance is eventually enacted. Written by Paul Dribin

Election Rant

This is a little off subject or not. I was very disturbed by a recent CBS poll which showed the great division in our country. Registered Republicans felt that the country was going great, things were better than 4 years ago, Trump had handled the Coronavirus well, and racial disharmony was exaggerated. I guess this is the power of Fox News which presents an alternate reality. Written by Paul Dribin

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