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Is St. Louis Difunctional or What

Another example of the dysfunction of the St. Louis area. The Post reported today that Washington University is undergoing a study of the coronavirus effects of people in St. Louis County based upon race class etc. This is a great idea. What would have been a better idea is for the City of St. Louis to be a part of the study. The virus does not end at city boundaries. The city, however, is nowhere to be seen and does not have any answers as to why they did not participate. Too bad. Written by Paul Dribin

An important Article about evictions

New York Times article. The problem is that if eviction moratoriums, take place what happens down the road? Also, how do landlords survive who rely on rental income. Finally, many people move out before a formal eviction proceeding. What happens to them? Written by Paul Dribin

More Pandemic Stuff

Some thoughts tribal and not:

1. I am enjoying watching Blues hockey this afternoon. It actually seems very weird, hockey in August. I have learned to no longer care about professional sports so it actually hurts to root for a team in a game that counts.

2.Many of the people calling for schools to open under any circumstances consider themselves pro life on abortion. What about applying the same standard to living children?

3. Do the rest of you have trouble like me in accepting that our country which is the most advanced in the world has so badly bungled our coronavirus management?

Surviving Coronavirus

The coronavirus is of course a favorite topic of conversation among by mostly elderly friends. My feelings about it may be unusual. I have found a greater sense of peace than before, concentrating on what is important, family, friends, and health. I have always been an introvert and enjoy the opportunity to increase my reading and writing. I certainly miss going to concerts, sports, movies, plays and so on. Dining in Resturant’s is out of the question. I certainly am upset about our country’s inept leadership on the issue and do not want to see anyone die. My own life though has been enjoyable because I have the luxury of not needing to work and being relatively well off financially. I would like to see what others’ experiences are. Written by Paul Dribin

Cori Bush Again

A good discussion about Cori’s enormous win took place on Donneybrook last night. The panelists caused me to add another dimension to my thinking. Was Cori’s election a freak? Did the racial unrest and pandemic cause a perfect storm or outrage that led to her election? How does this bode for the mayoral election in St. Louis? Stay tuned. Written by Paul Dribin

Masks and Freedom

This is a letter to the editor I hope will be appearing in the St Louis Post Dispatch

I am saddened to hear my fellow citizens again resisting wearing coronavirus masks because it restricts their individual freedom.  This attitude represents an ignorance of science and our governing principles.

The scientific argument for wearing masks is irrefutable.  They keep the disease from spreading to others and new studies show it also helps prevent the individual from receiving the disease.

The political and philosophical issue is more nuanced.  Freedom is not an absolute right and one person’s freedom may cause harm to another.  Society needs to operate on a set of rules for overall safety and well being.  Wearing masks and social distancing are two easy measures that not only help the individual but society.  We can’t go through red lights, dump garbage in streams, or bring guns on planes,  even if your notion of freedom is compromised.  Furthermore, freedom is not the only governing value of our society.  The constitution mentions providing for the common defense and promoting the general welfare.

It is sad that our country has become so individualistic that we won’t adopt simple measures for our common safety. Many lives have been lost as a result.

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