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Tenant’s Rights During Pandemic

There is broad support for providing a moratorium on evictions during the covid period. I am all for that with the following caveats. First the individual must have been current on their rent before coronavirus hit. Second, landlords must also be taken care of. If people don’t pay rent, landlords can’t make mortgage payments. Please keep these principles in mind. Written by Paul Dribin

St. Louis County Named One of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Counties in America for Thanksgiving | News Blog

Kinsa, the public health tracking company, has a new website where you can enter your zip code and find out the current score for your…
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This is bad news

Help for Coronavirus Affected People will End

Secretary Secretary Steve Manuchin has announced that he will not request an extension of coronavirus funds intended to help small businesses and individuals. These funds by statute run out the end of this year and will be returned to the treasury. The failure to extend will deepen the recession and hurt small businesses. It is again an example of the Trump administration’s scorched earth policy. Written by Paul Dribin

Post Dispatch Editorial About the Need for Governor Parsons to Invoke Mask Ordinance Statewide

Parson has turned out to be a real turkey.

St. Louis authorizes the Use of Community Development Block Grants to help Coronavirus Victims

This is a good use of funds. People who lost jobs could end up homeless

Poor Covid Leadership in Missouri

I am disappointed to see the terrible spikes in coronavirus in Missouri and the poor political leadership. Governor Parsons has adopted a hands off approach with no guidance. I was particularly disappointed to see St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann refuse to cooperate with regional efforts, refuse mask ordinances, and express doubts about the efficacy of masks. The cases are spiking,St. Louis City and County are doing a good job,but the virus doesn’t stop at the Missouri River. Written by Paul Dribin

Federal Eviction Moratoriums Have Loopholes

A good article here from Washington Post. The federal law has loopholes as it probably should. For one thing someone should still be evicted for bad behavior, tearing up the unit etc. Second, a tenant who owed back rent prior to the order should still be allowed to be evicted. The Coronavirus issue did not cause the delinquency. I feel for both sides here, but landlords cannot pay bills if people do not pay rent. I think if challenged in court eviction moratoriums would be unconstitutional, constituting an illegal taking. Furthermore, the rent and interest continue to accrue. What happens when the moratorium is lifted? Written by Paul Dribin

Vote to Limit Sam Page

In the usual narrow minded manner, thousands of St. Louis County residents voted to limit the power of County Executive Sam Page to declare health emergencies. This has primarily resulted from parents who are upset their children were limited in their ability to participate in sports. To me, this is ludicrous and an example of why we cant successfully fight coronavirus. I have given Dr. Page major compliments for his strong stance against the coronavirus which has saved lives. He will veto the bill anyway so the whole effort is totally symbolic. Written by Paul Dribin

St. Louis County Council News

Two key items. The council is trying to claw back its’ authority to control covid funds from the federal government. This is a good idea, but probably too late.

Second, the County Executive proposed a budget that gives raises to everyone and has no reduction in service. This seems to me and many on the county council as a fantasy. What is happening is that Sam Page, County Executive is running for office in November. He does not want to face the voters when he is raising taxes or cutting services. Look for a new budget after the election. Written by Paul Dribin

Trump’s Illness

The kind and proper thing to do is wish the President well. I do rationally but can’t emotionally. His carelessness has caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people. His behavior with the virus has been even more irresponsible. There is a debate whether it is ever proper to rejoice at someone else’s suffering. We will see. Written by Paul Dribin

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