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“Burn It Down” | City Journal

Activists in Seattle want to abolish police, prisons, and courts.
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An article from City Journal, a right leaning publication that describes the horrors of defunding the police. I agree in reforming the police, but defunding them makes not sense and will not work. Interestingly, the African American community is against defunding. Written by Paul Dribin

Good Editorial in the Post Dispatch on the Relationship Between Crime and Vacancies in City

This editorial has correctly pointed out something I have been saying for years, that crime is the biggest cause of population loss in the city. The black population of St. Louis County has increased from about 5% in 1975 to 23% now. Almost all those black residents have come from the city and are working, sending their kids to school etc. Many political leaders in St. Louis dance around this issue. Written by Paul Dribin

Groups face strong headwinds in push to stem violence in St. Louis | Law and order |

Experts believe the effort to curtail gun violence starts with sustained public funding and initiatives whose effectiveness can be measured over time.
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This was a good article today in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. It provided good examples of the terrible violence in our community and the frustrations of those trying to deal with it. The article did lack context, any analysis, or recommendations. It highlighted all the agencies and organizations trying to improve things. That perhaps was my greatest disappointment, all kinds of small agencies are trying to do things with few resources and little coordination. Written by Paul Dribin

A thoughtful conservative piece about the data behind crime putting some of our outrages in perspective. Paul Dribin

Crime-Put Out the Fire

St. Louis has for several years been working on plans to address the vacancy problem in the city, most of which is on the north side. The groups meet and discuss esoteric issues but fail to want to talk about the most pressing issue, crime. St. Louis is the crime leader in the U.S, and most of it is focused on the north side. There are vacancies because hundreds of thousands of black people left the city and moved to the county. The primary reason for that was better schools and less crime. The unwillingness of civic groups and elected officials to address this issue has caused total stagnation in the city. First, stop the fire and bleeding, then deal with the other stuff. Written by Paul Dribin

Metro to Put Sheriff’s Deputies on Trains

A good idea. Between crime and coronavirus Metrolink is really hurting

Assaults are Up in Downtown St. Louis

Assaults are at a record high in downtown St Louis. This of course is bad news. The coronavirus may be one cause. Another is the reluctance of police to take any strong action to prevent crime since the Michael Brown case of several years ago. A third reason is the lack of fans going to Cardinal baseball. The crowds associated with these games create a safety barrier and the games result in far more police being on the street than usual. Written by Paul Dribin

The Dangers of Criminal-Justice Reform | City Journal

How the growing trend of criminal-justice reform for its own sake will make policing riskier—and the city less safe
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An excellent balanced article which puts the whole subject in perspective. There seems to be no discussion in the whole police reform movement about the responsibility of the individual offender in this process. Paul Dribin

Violent Behavior in Downtown St Louis

A sad article. People assert in here that the coronavirus is the cause of the crime. I disagree. The cause is that due to all the criticism of police, they are not aggressively patrolling. Since the Michael Brown incident, arrests are way down. Written by Paul Dribin

Metrolink Revisited

The St. Louis Post Dispatch published an article today stating the City of St. Louis is awarding a consulting contract relative to the expansion of Metrolink. The article also said that there are not sufficient funds to pay for the expansion and the city may not be eligible for the federal funding they are reliant on. Does this make sense for a city so cash starved it wants to sell off its airport.

Metrolink has been billed as a tool for offering disadvantaged people better access to work opportunities. With more people working remotely, that simply does not make sense. Metrolink is providing those folks with a third rate, obsolete, unsafe form of transportation. Better to invest in a subsidized ride sharing program for poor people. Written by Paul Dribin

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