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Metrolink says it is Making Progress on Security

There is a long way to go. Also important is that a lot fewer people are commuting to work

Crime in St. Louis

Mayor Tashara Jones is calling for the elimination of vacant police positions and an emphasis on social services to end crime. This is a mistake. There is no data to show this approach works, and some criminals need hard tactics by police. The social services need to be applied in addition to officers on the street. Written by Paul Dribin

St. Louis Closing Workhouse Makes No Sense

St. Louis Mayor Tashaura Jones has committed to closing the medium security prison known as The Workhouse. This makes no sense and seems to confuse the institution for all the woes of the criminal justice system. Activists seem to believe that closing jails will make crime go away. Not true. Written by Paul Dribin

movement to Defund Police in St Louis

It would be a big mistake. Each officer on the street significantly reduces crime

Police Reform in St Louis

Good column as always by Antonio French in Post Dispatch

St. Louis and the Region

A colleague of mine posted on Facebook that he was happy to live in the City of St. Louis because he could vote for the mayor. I replied that to those of us in the county it doesn’t make a difference. He responded that the city drives the region. I disagree. The city makes up a minority of the population of the region and does drive things with regard to culture and crime. We go into the city for concerts, ball games, trips to the zoo etc. But we also hesitate to go into the city because of crime. This also affects where we choose to live where crime and non performing schools drive people out of the city. We have woke people in the city who are living under the illusion that St. Louis could become like Seattle if it only adopted progressive policies. Not true. Written by Paul Dribin

New Mayor in St. Louis 2

I am cautiously pessimistic about the new major of St. Louis, Tashaura Jones. She has run the City Treasurer’s Office in a very personal political manner; hiring contractors to large contractors who were friends and without bidding. I hope she can do better as Mayor and bring people together. The job is very tough for anyone. Crime is rampant, schools are a mess, population has declined, and the city is a mess. Written by Paul Dribin

A Powerful Story about Black Poverty and Crime in St. Louis

This is a good story from Post Dispatch about the level of violence in St. Louis and how it disproportionately affects the Black community. I am glad they mentioned a guaranteed income as a tool. Paul Dribin

Kim Gardner and 60 Minutes

Recently 60 Minutes ran a feature on the St. Louis Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner. The feature portrayed Gardner as a hero attempting to eliminate crime, racism, and bad policing. While this view makes for a good story, it is far from true. Gardner has been a disaster. Her abrasive personality has lost her most of her prosecutors, she has bungled the prosecution of Eric Greitens, which was a phony charged, aided a crooked investigator, fails to get along with anyone, particularly the police, has a low conviction rate, and has seen a rising crime rate. I am not one to criticize the media, but 60 Minutes really missed the boat on this one. Written by Paul Dribin

Defunding Police

New Attorney General Garland had to answer questions about defunding the police. He of course said that neither he nor President Biden were in favor of that. The whole concept is flawed and needlessly gives fuel to Republicans. What some progressives fail to realize is that there are some bad people out there who need to be dealt with strongly. It also means that important reforms to police need to take place. Written by Paul Dribin

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