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Defunding Police

New Attorney General Garland had to answer questions about defunding the police. He of course said that neither he nor President Biden were in favor of that. The whole concept is flawed and needlessly gives fuel to Republicans. What some progressives fail to realize is that there are some bad people out there who need to be dealt with strongly. It also means that important reforms to police need to take place. Written by Paul Dribin

Post Dispaatch Editorial on Defunding the Police

Excellent editorial which agrees with what I have been saying. Great minds think alike. Written by Paul Dribin

Defunding the Police

I have been involved in a rather interesting discussion on Facebook about this subject. Most people who talk about defunding the police are really talking about major or radical reform. I made the comment that defunding the police is stupid which means complete defunding. The term should not be used as a reform indicator. To most people, defunding means taking away all the funds which is a dangerous and simplistic approach. It has been used by Republicans to harm Democrats. Not a good idea. Written by Paul Dribin

“Burn It Down” | City Journal

Activists in Seattle want to abolish police, prisons, and courts.
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An article from City Journal, a right leaning publication that describes the horrors of defunding the police. I agree in reforming the police, but defunding them makes not sense and will not work. Interestingly, the African American community is against defunding. Written by Paul Dribin

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