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I am now getting the feeling that the energy and power coming out of the death of George Floyd is being dissipated. Does anyone know what the ongoing demonstrations in Portland and Seattle are trying to do? Some of these demonstrations have been captured by thugs and criminals who are just looking to do harm. Is taking down a statue or blacklisting a politically incorrect person what it is all about? Written by Paul Dribin


Post dispatch editorial on violent demonstrations

An excellent editorial that takes to task people who are looting in the name of social justice

Why the Police are Important

An excellent article from the New York Times about policing in Seattle

Statue of St. Louis

There have been significant and powerful demonstrations across the country following the death of Mr. George Floyd. These demonstrations represent a powerful statement by many Americans that racism and police brutality are not acceptable.

St. Louis chose to act by attempting to remove the statue of King Louis, the figure for whom St. Louis is named. He was a French king who live in the 1200s and accomplished many positive things in addition to participating in the crusades, which were anti Muslim and Jewish. These crusades resulted in the vicious death of many Jews and Muslims.

The demonstrations at times were violent and resulted in further vandalism in the neighborhood of St. Louis Mayor, Lyda Krewson. With all the terrible problems facing our city and world, this seems live a very trivial and silly action by some irresponsible people. As a Jew I should be offended by King Louis, but he lived a long time ago and his statue is of no interest to me.

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