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Early Childhood Sales Tax Round 2

The Post Dispatch today published an interesting story in which some progressive state legislators ripped the sales tax proposal for early childhood programs. Marcia Clark of course a big mover and shaker is behind the Ready by Five movement. A good question to ask is who is Ready by Five? In any case, Representative Maria Chapelle-Nadal severely questioned the effort and raised the possibility that it would help Clark’s mixed use building on Delmar. The whole plan needs revisiting. The importance of early childhood education is overwhelming. Written by Paul Dribin

Be Careful Lisa Clancy

Lisa Clancy is a young progressive member of the St. Louis County Council. She has supported police reform, affordable housing and other progressive causes. In a short period of time she has risen to become leader of the County Council.

During this time though she has played hardball, leading the effort to delegate to Sam Page, an ally and County Executive complete control over coronavirus relief funds. She has taken charge of a well intentioned effort to increase the sales tax to increase funding for early childhood education. This effort appears to have been hijacked by powerful people and some of the advocates are saying they are not sure of what the initiative authorizes. Furthermore she introduced the legislation to enable this effort at the last possible moment. I am disappointed to see a young progressive leader acting very much like a traditional politician. Written by Paul Dribin

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