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Armed Insurrection

That is what we had at the capitol last week and what we face again. Donald Trump was impeached for the second time for his role in the affair. What is disgusting is that so many Republicans still voted not to impeach and will not condemn the President’s actions. Others are refusing to cooperate with leadership by not going through metal detectors or wearing masks. The Republican Party has become the party of insurrection. Truth no longer matters. Written by Paul Dribin

The Future of Our Country

Like most people I am very concerned about the future of our country. Armed insurrection it’s are trying to undo our democratic institutions. President Trump deserves primary blame for this but the movement has been growing and was fed by the Republicans. Now the toothpaste is out of the tube. I believe a major issue in the process is the growing belief on the right and left that any opinion or fact. That we should be tolerant of people, no matter what. This has led to alternative realities that cannot be cured. We cannot agree on a future for our country if we cannot believe in facts. Leader need to be held accountable for telling the truth and doing the right thing. Written by Paul Dribin

Coup in the US

What Donald Trump and his minions are supporting by trying to overturn the election results is nothing short of a coup. Attempting to undo an election that is not even close is nothing short of treason. I am scared for our country; concerned that even if Trump is unsuccessful, more people may try to do the same thing. Nothing in American history compares to this. Written by Paul Dribin

Change in St. Louis Election Procedures

The City of St. Louis voted to change their election procedures. The candidates will no longer run with a party label and the two top candidates will face off in the general election. I believe this is an improvement because the elections were often a primary only affair with no serious opposition to the Democratic candidate in the general election. Written by Paul Dribin

Election Takes 2

While it seems certain that Biden will win the Presidency, many friends of mine are disappointed that he didn’t win in a landslide. I too shared that disappointment. What is difficult to come to grips with is that virtually half the country thought enough of Trump, a lunatic, incompetent, crooked man. But we know that even if Biden won in a landslide there would be around 45% of the country voting for Tump. We need to try to understand the psyche of Trump voters and try to bring the country back together. Joe Biden is a great man for that. Written by Paul Dribin

Election Takes

As I write this several states need to be called in the general election. I feel pretty confident that Biden will win. I am thrilled to see Trump out of there but I am somewhat disappointed in the results. It is amazing to me that almost half the country would vote for this madman, crook, and incompetent. I am concerned about how we move ahead. I am also disappointed that the Democrats will not be able to flip the Senate, and that local congressional candidate Jill Schupp lost. Also the passage of Amendment 3 which overrides the Missouri Clean Initiative is a major step backward for our state and locks in Republican gerrymandering for the future. Written by Paul Dribin

Cori Bush Campaign Rhetoric

Ms. Bush, a local activist defeated Lacey Clay for the Congressional seat in Missouri’s first district which is almost totally Democratic. Ms. Bush will certainly win the general election and become the next congresswoman. I wish her well and hope her progressive views bring about needed change. She needs to tighten up her rhetoric. She made a comment calling for the defunding of the Defense Department. To most people defunding means entirely eliminating funding. That was not what she meant but the statement provides fuel to conservatives. Written by Paul Dribin

Missouri 2nd Congressional District

This district represented by Republican Ann Wagner represents the western suburbs of St. Louis, formerly a heavily Republican area. Wagner is being challenged in the race by Jill Schupp, a Democratic former state representative and senator. Schupp has raised a lot of money and appears to be neck and neck with Wagner. The race really boils down to if suburban Republican women turn against Wagner in the same number they turned against Trump. Voter turnout is high. Stay tuned. Written by Paul Dribin

Trump underperforming in St. Louis suburbs

According to the Cook Political Report, President Trump is significantly underperforming in Missouri’s second congressional district compared to 2016. This is the district represented by Ann Wagner, Republican. Trump is running over 10 points behind his results in the 2016 election when he carried the district. This is great news for Wagner’s challenger, Jill Schupp. Written by Paul Dribin

Election Rant

This is a little off subject or not. I was very disturbed by a recent CBS poll which showed the great division in our country. Registered Republicans felt that the country was going great, things were better than 4 years ago, Trump had handled the Coronavirus well, and racial disharmony was exaggerated. I guess this is the power of Fox News which presents an alternate reality. Written by Paul Dribin

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