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More on Page-Erby Pissing Contest

More on the pissing contest between the two. Stirring up a hornet,s nest in the black community. The question is what was Erby,s job? To me she was bribed to keep quiet when Page took over. Written by Paul Dribin

Hazel Erby Fired as Director of Diversity of St. Louis County

This deal really smells. Erby an African American long time Councilwoman from north St. Louis County was a favorite to be County Executive when Steve Stenger stepped down. Sam Page edged her out for the job and she was given the Diversity Director job as a payoff to keep her quiet. Now that the primaries are over and Page is all but guaranteed election, he has fired her. I guess she no longer serves a purpose. Her competence and the purpose of the job in the first place are both important issues which have not been addressed. Written by Paul Dribin

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