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Infrastructure Bill

The proposal from President Biden includes substantial funding for affordable housing. These funds include funds for weatherization, energy efficiency, and public housing improvements. This is certainly a welcome development. Paul Dribin

Child Tax Credit

A tax credit or grant will be available to most families under President Biden’s Covid Relief Act. This is a great idea and puts money with no strings attached in the hands of families who need the money. The long term positive effects of this are enormous. Senator Romney has proposed even a more generous benefit. This is good stuff. Written by Paul Dribin

Raising the Minimum Wage

Raising the minimum wage is a big agenda item for Democrats. I support this policy. A recent study has just concluded that each time the minimum wage has been raised, the earnings gap between blacks and whites has decreased. This is good. The negative to raising the minimum wage is a loss of low end jobs. I know there are some downsides, but a raise is overall good policy. Written by Paul Dribin

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