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Kim Gardner and 60 Minutes

Recently 60 Minutes ran a feature on the St. Louis Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner. The feature portrayed Gardner as a hero attempting to eliminate crime, racism, and bad policing. While this view makes for a good story, it is far from true. Gardner has been a disaster. Her abrasive personality has lost her most of her prosecutors, she has bungled the prosecution of Eric Greitens, which was a phony charged, aided a crooked investigator, fails to get along with anyone, particularly the police, has a low conviction rate, and has seen a rising crime rate. I am not one to criticize the media, but 60 Minutes really missed the boat on this one. Written by Paul Dribin


Gardner Lawsuit Dismissed

A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit brought by Circuit Attorney Gardner against a variety of people for violating her civil rights. The judge essentially said her charges were ridiculous and not based on any facts. Once again, Gardner who has lost most of her attorneys and has a horrible conviction rate is incompetent. Written by Paul Dribin

Prosecutor Gardner Adds More Officers to Bad List

This whole story has never made sense to me. Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner has excluded a certain number of police officers from the list of whom she would take testimony or use as witnesses. Two things. Either they are not so bad and Gardner is being vindictive, or they are bad and should be fired. I guess it may be the power of the union. Written by Paul Dribin

City County Merger

Anyone who writes about St. Louis needs to cover this topic. It is almost a cliche, but our region cannot thrive with the present system of governance. The City of St. Louis is not part of St. Louis County which wastes resources and makes comprehensive planning more difficult. In addition, the 87 municipalities are inefficient with communities competing against each other, and many of these communities not able to provide a professional level of service. I am very pessimistic that any change can take place. The recent election of Kim Gardner as Circuit Attorney in the City of St. Louis caused many county residents I know to reaffirm their opposition to merger. Written by Paul Dribin

Grand Jury Extended Six Months in Gardner Investigation

This smells foul

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Controversy

Kim Gardner, Circuit Attorney of St. Louis has been a controversial figure. Many of her attorneys have quit because of her abrasive management style. She indicted former Governor, Eric Greitens in a case which would not have stood up. Now she has said that she will not prosecute cases from a certain number of specific police officers. The implication is these officers are either corrupt, incompetent, or both. If any of that is true they should be fired. In the meantime criminals can walk free. Something is seriously wrong in this story. Written by Paul Dribin

Havoc in Circuit Attorney’s Office

Since Kimberly Gardner has been elected as Circuit Attorney in St. Louis, havoc has reigned. Many staff attorneys have resigned and she has been accused of nepotism in appointments. Not much has been written about the situation. Now we here that a judge has ordered the Circuit Attorney’s office not to be involved with the investigation of a police officer. Why? Under previous administrations such investigations took place with procedures carved out to eliminate conflicts of interest. Something is not right. We need all available resources to fight crime. Written by Paul Dribin

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