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Post Dispatch Editorial About crime in St. Louis

I am very discouraged about this situation

St Louis Mayor to Not Run For Another Term

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson has announced she will not run for another term as mayor. This is somewhat of a surprise to me, but maybe she saw the handwriting on the wall. Tashura Jones, Cara Spencer and Lewis Reed are three strong candidates. Krewson never struck me as someone with much leadership ability and she embarrassed herself by naming people who had been arrested in demonstrations. She is a nice lady and was a good alderman but lacked the skills to be mayor. Written by Paul Dribin

Stalking Horse in Mayoral Race

The St. Louis mayoral race will be taking place next year. A new voting system in which candidates do not run with party labels will take over. I assume that incumbent mayor. Lyda Krewson will run as will Tashara Jones, City Treasurer, and Cara Spencer, Alderman. Good sources tell me that Spencer who I regard as a very able alderman, is a stalking horse for Tashara Jones. The plan is for Spencer to divide the white vote, allowing Jones who is African American a clear path to mayor. This racial dividing has been a common factor in St. Louis mayoral politics for years.Writtenby Paul Dribin

Covid Cases Significantly Up in St. Louis Region

Cases are up. Positivity rate is almost 9%. Dr. Sam Page, County Executive and Lyda Krewson, Mayor of St. Louis have issued stern warnings. It is sad to see the opposition that Page in particular has received. BobDylan’s song Idiot Wind is appropriate for our time. Written by Paul Dribin

Coronavirus Leadership

I give strong marks on leadership in the coronavirus effort to both Mayor of St. Louis, Lydia Krewson, and County Executive Sam Page. They both were on top of things early and shut things down and have taken some real leadership. To our Governor Mike Parson I give a failing grade. He has shown no leadership at all and has spread misinformation. Written by Paul Dribin987

St. Louis Airport Privatization

This is a lame idea to sell off the airport for some short term bucks and to line the pockets of consultants. The St. Louis airport had been doing great before the coronavirus and will do great again. Selling it off is a short term plan which doesn’t look at the long term effects of such an effort. Mayor Krewsen had called for a halt to the privatization effort and that is where things should remain.

Emergency Housing Funds Requested in St. Louis

Mayor Lyda Krewson has requested a significant amount of funds to help struggling renters and homeowners in the city who have been hurt by the coronavirus. This is a necessary and important move. Written by Paul Dribin

Who is the next Mayor of St. Louis

The key question for voters is whether the election of Cori Bush is a sign of a changing of the power structure in St. Louis or an anomaly. The stars were in alignment for Cori, generating name recognition though a documentary, and running on the back of civil rights demonstrations.

I don’t see Lyda Krewson, existing mayor winning reelection. She is an older white woman tied to the old political power structure with no passionate base of support. Tashara Jones, City Treasurer and an African American woman would be the favorite in my mind, with Cara Spencer a young smart progressive white woman running second. These are my early odds. Written by Paul Dribin

Statue of St. Louis

There have been significant and powerful demonstrations across the country following the death of Mr. George Floyd. These demonstrations represent a powerful statement by many Americans that racism and police brutality are not acceptable.

St. Louis chose to act by attempting to remove the statue of King Louis, the figure for whom St. Louis is named. He was a French king who live in the 1200s and accomplished many positive things in addition to participating in the crusades, which were anti Muslim and Jewish. These crusades resulted in the vicious death of many Jews and Muslims.

The demonstrations at times were violent and resulted in further vandalism in the neighborhood of St. Louis Mayor, Lyda Krewson. With all the terrible problems facing our city and world, this seems live a very trivial and silly action by some irresponsible people. As a Jew I should be offended by King Louis, but he lived a long time ago and his statue is of no interest to me.

St. Louis Airport Privatization Again.

In theory the St. Louis scheme to privatize Lambert airport could make sense. Of course we may never know because the whole system appears so rigged there will never be an honest evaluation of the pros and cons of the proposal. All the consultants, advisors etc. have a vested interest in making the privatization work. One thought sticks out to me. If the idea was a good one, why have private sector organizations not stepped forward sooner to make the privatization happen? Written by Paul Dribin

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