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Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

Medicaid expansion in Missouri has reached a grinding halt. The voters overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment requiring the state to expand Medicaid in accordance with the federal Affordable Care Act. Most of the funds for the expansion are federal. The Republicans in the Missouri legislature have still blocked the expansion because they say there is no source of funding. This is appalling and a demonstration of why the public has lost faith in government. Ironically the rural communities represented by Republicans would benefit the most from expansion. Written by Paul Dribin

Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

The voters of Missouri last year enacted a constitutional amendment that would expand Medicaid in Missouri in line with the Affordable Care Act. The Covid Relief Act recently passed by congress made this expansion more attractive. The Republican controlled Missouri legislature voted to not spend the funds to enact the law. To me this is unconstitutional and must be challenged in court. In any case the will of the people was ignored. Bad stuff. Written by Paul Dribin

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