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Horrible Game Being Played with Medicaid in Missouri

Read this article. Republicans in legislature are tying up even routine funding of Medicaid over narrow interests concerning contraception and abortion. Missouri is just really fucked up. Sorry to use such crude language but that is the only description that is appropriate. Written by Paul Dribin


Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

Medicaid expansion in Missouri has reached a grinding halt. The voters overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment requiring the state to expand Medicaid in accordance with the federal Affordable Care Act. Most of the funds for the expansion are federal. The Republicans in the Missouri legislature have still blocked the expansion because they say there is no source of funding. This is appalling and a demonstration of why the public has lost faith in government. Ironically the rural communities represented by Republicans would benefit the most from expansion. Written by Paul Dribin

Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

The voters of Missouri last year enacted a constitutional amendment that would expand Medicaid in Missouri in line with the Affordable Care Act. The Covid Relief Act recently passed by congress made this expansion more attractive. The Republican controlled Missouri legislature voted to not spend the funds to enact the law. To me this is unconstitutional and must be challenged in court. In any case the will of the people was ignored. Bad stuff. Written by Paul Dribin

Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

Missouri has been one of the states opting not to enroll in expanded Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act. The voters passed a constitutional amendment requiring enrollment. Seems like a no brained. The Republican committee in the legislature has voted down the measure needed to implement the law. I am sure this is illegal and unconstitutional but will cost time and money. The irony is that the feds pay almost the whole cost, and the benefits have increased under the Coronavirus Relief Measure recently enacted. A disgrace for Missouri. Written by Paul Dribin

States Expanding Medicaid Do Not Regret Their Decisions

The above Brookings article actually points out that states have cut costs due to high levels of federal reimbursement

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