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Assaults are Up in Downtown St. Louis

Assaults are at a record high in downtown St Louis. This of course is bad news. The coronavirus may be one cause. Another is the reluctance of police to take any strong action to prevent crime since the Michael Brown case of several years ago. A third reason is the lack of fans going to Cardinal baseball. The crowds associated with these games create a safety barrier and the games result in far more police being on the street than usual. Written by Paul Dribin

Is This the End of the Michael Brown Story

St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell announced that after extensive review and investigation he like two previous law enforcement officials will not charge the police officer in the death of Michael Brown. I am sure some activists are upset but it is time to move on. We need to work for justice in the criminal justice system, and an end to racist policing That would be a more significant accomplishment than the criminal indictment of a former cop.


This article discussed the lack of improvement in the part of Ferguson where Michael Brown was killed.

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