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Horrible Game Being Played with Medicaid in Missouri

Read this article. Republicans in legislature are tying up even routine funding of Medicaid over narrow interests concerning contraception and abortion. Missouri is just really fucked up. Sorry to use such crude language but that is the only description that is appropriate. Written by Paul Dribin


Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

The voters of Missouri last year enacted a constitutional amendment that would expand Medicaid in Missouri in line with the Affordable Care Act. The Covid Relief Act recently passed by congress made this expansion more attractive. The Republican controlled Missouri legislature voted to not spend the funds to enact the law. To me this is unconstitutional and must be challenged in court. In any case the will of the people was ignored. Bad stuff. Written by Paul Dribin

Another Sign Missouri is a Hoosier State

The Missouri legislature is trying to pass a law that would override federal gun laws which are more stringent than Missouri’s. Such an effort is clearly unconstitutional and is simply grandstanding to appeal to the know nothings in the state. Written by Paul Dribin

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