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Controversy About New Housing in Wellston

A nonprofit African American developer is attempting to build a new subdivision of for sale houses in Wellston at affordable prices and guarantee a reasonable rate of return for the homeowner. This seems great, except that small minded people in Wellston are opposed to it due to fears of gentrification and not being involved in the process. The homes will sit on land owned by a land trust. This resistance is the epitome of why things never get done in our region. I would welcome with open arms such a development but residents complain about gentrification in a community that has suffered significant disinvestment. I don’t get it. Written by Paul Dribin


Missouri River Bluffs

Whittaker Development is planning on building single family homes on an environmentally sensitive site over looking the Missouri River near the Katy Trail. The St. Charles County Commissioners need to vote on the proposal which is opposed by environmental groups. I would recommend voting against this project. We don’t often have these environmentally beautiful sites and need to preserve them. Written by Paul Dribin

Tower T Development

One of the iconic places of the St. Louis area will be no more. Tower T located in South St. Louis County has been a popular spot for many years. It has included many of the rather tacky aspects of life, a nine hole par 3 golf course, batting cages, and miniature golf. My son and I spent many happy hours there.

The site will be developed for 300 homes. I don’t know how the area can support the traffic that would be generated by such a project. It appears to represent the height of poor planning. Written by Paul Dribin

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