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Opportunity Zones Don’t Work

This article points out an analysis that those of us in the field already knew; Opportunity Zones Don’t Work. This program initiated by the Trump Administration provided deferral of capital gains taxes for businesses investing in underserved areas. Research has shown the investments were only made for projects which would have been built anyway. The Biden Administration is trying to change it which is a good idea. Written by Paul Dribin


Exclusionary Zoning

An excellent article today in the New York Times about the detrimental effects of zoning and land use on affordable housing. The article makes the important point that this discrimination can be class as well as racially based. Communities need to address these barriers to allow their housing to be more affordable. Written by Paul Dribin

Nimbyism in California

A great article by Ezra Klein in New York Times. Despite liberal rhetoric, we often block programs that advance racial equity.

Formerly Redlined Neighborhoods are Warmer

An interesting article from NYT. Historically black and redlined neighborhoods had less investment in trees etc. paul Dribin

An important Article about evictions

New York Times article. The problem is that if eviction moratoriums, take place what happens down the road? Also, how do landlords survive who rely on rental income. Finally, many people move out before a formal eviction proceeding. What happens to them? Written by Paul Dribin

Why the Police are Important

An excellent article from the New York Times about policing in Seattle

Hire More Minorities and Women-Grow the Economy

An interesting article from the New York Times that shows that the rapid growth in the U.S. economy in the fifties was caused by ending discrimination that kept women and minorities out of the workplace. Written by Paul Dribin

Booker Proposes Rental Tax Credit

How will he pay for it. Also his program does not have income restrictions. Credit should only be for low and moderate income households

Big nursing home operator foreclosed on by Hud

this is a big hit to HUDs nursing home program. I have always felt the program has been valuable because private lenders backed off making these loans. Written by Paul Dribin

Progressives Get in the Way of Affordable Housing

A good article from NYT. It is my contention that all the special rules including historic preservation also get in the way of affordable housing.

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