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Election Prediction

Here are my election predictions:

Biden for President-350 electoral votes

Parsons over Galloway

Schupp over Wagner

Amendment 3 is voted down.

Let’s hope I am right. We cannot take 4 more years of Trump

Missouri Screws Up Coronavirus Again

Reports were heard today that the data system tracking coronavirus cases in Missouri is faulty. The number of cases has increased dramatically which the Parson administration says is an error. Why is the system faulty after all this time? Is this political? The public health of our state deserves better. Written by Paul Dribin

Missouri Behind Curve on Coronavirus

I have always complained that Missouri doesn’t lead the country in anything. I later found out we were first in meth labs and obesity. Now we have one of the worst records of any state in addressing coronavirus. The feds are coming down on us for our poor performance, more people are hospitalized and dying, but we do nothing. Maybe Trump and Parsons coming down with it may change peoples’ minds. Written by Paul Dribin

Parsons and Coronavirus

Governor Parsons of Missouri and his wife have tested positive for coronavirus. This is poetic justice. Mr. Parsons has resisted any efforts to mandate masks and has issued consistently ignorant comments about COVID. I hope some of his followers see the light. Written by Paul Dribin

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