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Public School Teacher Unions

This post is at odds with my normal liberal view on things. I believe public schools teachers as represented by their unions have acted poorly during the coronavirus and have put their own political needs against the best interest of their students.

Schools should reopen with the proper safeguards. Evidence has shown that schools are fairly safe environments and that children do not spread the virus. Poor and underserved children have fallen dangerously behind in the remote learning environment. Teachers need to demonstrate the regard for their students they claim to have. Written by Paul Dribin

Pro Life?

The Archdiocese of St. Louis is fully opening schools which is the opposite of the position taken by public schools. Where is the respect for human life that is so important to Catholics, or does that only apply to a fetus or someone at the end of life? My guess is the reason for opening is to collect tuition. So far school openings around the country have been a public health disaster.

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