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Tenant’s Rights During Pandemic

There is broad support for providing a moratorium on evictions during the covid period. I am all for that with the following caveats. First the individual must have been current on their rent before coronavirus hit. Second, landlords must also be taken care of. If people don’t pay rent, landlords can’t make mortgage payments. Please keep these principles in mind. Written by Paul Dribin

Moratorium on Evictions

During the coronavirus pandemic, the federal government has issued a moratorium on evictions during the crisis. This moratorium applied only to apartments with federally assisted loans and grants. The idea is good as a stopgap but has problems as a larger policy. First, how will the landlords pay their bills with rents suspended? Second, many of these tenants owed back rent before coronavirus which was not the immediate cause of their delinquency. Finally, this only suspends rent payments, it doesn’t eliminate them. What happens in the future when the moratorium is lifted? Written by Paul Dribin

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