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Armed Insurrection

That is what we had at the capitol last week and what we face again. Donald Trump was impeached for the second time for his role in the affair. What is disgusting is that so many Republicans still voted not to impeach and will not condemn the President’s actions. Others are refusing to cooperate with leadership by not going through metal detectors or wearing masks. The Republican Party has become the party of insurrection. Truth no longer matters. Written by Paul Dribin

Republicans Attempt Again to Limit Local Control

Despite rhetoric espousing local control, Missouri Republicans are again trying to limit it. There is a group proposing a law that would limit the ability of local officials to issue orders regarding public health. This has all evolved out of criticism of Sam Page, of St. Louis County for closing bars and limiting sports activities. Seems strange and hypocritical to me. Written by Paul Dribin

Trump and Republicans

It is a common argument for many traditional Republicans to argue that Donald Trump is an aberration from their traditional views. But let’s take a look. Since Nixon, the party has played up racism among white voters, particularly in the south, cut taxes for the wealthy, been anti science in denying the existence of climate change, was opposed to abortion rights, and pandered to right wind religious bigots. Trump of course has advocated all these things on steroids. But the reason he is still supported by the Republican masses despite his instance behavior is that his views are in agreement with those of the Republican Party. Written by Paul Dribin

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