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Misguided Criticism of Sam Page

I think this is hysterical. The coronavirus epidemic is higher than it should be in the St. Louis region because people are not adhering to masking and distancing guidelines, going to bars etc. County Executive Page has issued requirements limiting youth sports activities. Parents are not protesting at Page’s house to express their displeasure with Dr. Page for his policies. The real villain is not Dr. Page but the reckless behavior of many of these same parents. Written by Paul Dribin

Coronavirus Leadership

I give strong marks on leadership in the coronavirus effort to both Mayor of St. Louis, Lydia Krewson, and County Executive Sam Page. They both were on top of things early and shut things down and have taken some real leadership. To our Governor Mike Parson I give a failing grade. He has shown no leadership at all and has spread misinformation. Written by Paul Dribin987

Be Careful Lisa Clancy

Lisa Clancy is a young progressive member of the St. Louis County Council. She has supported police reform, affordable housing and other progressive causes. In a short period of time she has risen to become leader of the County Council.

During this time though she has played hardball, leading the effort to delegate to Sam Page, an ally and County Executive complete control over coronavirus relief funds. She has taken charge of a well intentioned effort to increase the sales tax to increase funding for early childhood education. This effort appears to have been hijacked by powerful people and some of the advocates are saying they are not sure of what the initiative authorizes. Furthermore she introduced the legislation to enable this effort at the last possible moment. I am disappointed to see a young progressive leader acting very much like a traditional politician. Written by Paul Dribin

More on Page-Erby Pissing Contest

More on the pissing contest between the two. Stirring up a hornet,s nest in the black community. The question is what was Erby,s job? To me she was bribed to keep quiet when Page took over. Written by Paul Dribin

Hazel Erby Fired as Director of Diversity of St. Louis County

This deal really smells. Erby an African American long time Councilwoman from north St. Louis County was a favorite to be County Executive when Steve Stenger stepped down. Sam Page edged her out for the job and she was given the Diversity Director job as a payoff to keep her quiet. Now that the primaries are over and Page is all but guaranteed election, he has fired her. I guess she no longer serves a purpose. Her competence and the purpose of the job in the first place are both important issues which have not been addressed. Written by Paul Dribin

Page has Ability to Improve Things on County Council

Sam Page Acting County Executive Makes Changes

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